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Other logic games

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Logic Games

Use logic to solve these puzzles

Humans used in many situations the logic to solve problems or obtain a favorable solucinms in function of several factors. Although it may seem somewhat til the fact is that we use in muchsimos aspects of our daily lives and it is certainly a must.

Thanks to this ability we can solve a lot of problems quickly if you want to improve this ability now you can play different games that tendrs to solve a series of mysteries finding the solution. If you can reveal these mysteries podrs access secret areas and find ways to solve problems as you go.

Perhaps you consider that you can easily solve any problem, it is for that reason that you are able to measure your intellect ponindote skin of a detective authentic must solve a mystery that plagues the city. But be careful, because if you make the wrong decisions you can get hurt or something muchsimo worse.

Escape Games

Escape your captivity and survive

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Alphabet Soup Games

The word soups come to the virtual world

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Detectives Games

Investigate the crime scene

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Rol Games

Delve into a great role adventure

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