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Free Lion bike Game
Lion bike
This lion is passionate about the bike stunts and in this game you have to interact ...
Free Laval unleashed Game
Laval unleashed
Laval Unleashed is a fantastic adventure ...

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Free Puzzle; the Lion King Game
Puzzle; the Lion King
The protagonists of the Lion King, Simba and his father, ...
Free King lion puzzle Game
King lion puzzle
have a good time playing this fun game Lion King where ...
Free Timon and Pumba jumping Game
Timon and Pumba jumping
plays with the cute characters from Disney Lion King, ...
Free Lion King, Kiara and Kovu Game
Lion King, Kiara and Kovu
representation of the scene of the Disney movie ...
Free Timon and pumba fleeing Game
Timon and pumba fleeing
funny timon and pumbaa game where ...
Free Care for circus lions Game
Care for circus lions
To be breeder lions in a circus takes ...
Free Zoo keeper Game
Zoo keeper
we have a big problem in the zoo, we collapsed ...
Free Hunt in australia Game
Hunt in australia
fun game hunting in australia. you are the most popular ...
Free Aladdin and the treasures Game
Aladdin and the treasures
Aladdin helps to collect all the red diamonds ...
Free The change of Messi Game
The change of Messi
You can not bear the laughter with this fun game to change ...
Free Coloring: Lion King Game
Coloring: Lion King
In this game you can color the lion king with his friends ...
Free Football in the jungle Game
Football in the jungle
Everyone likes football and this game proves ...
Free Six difgerencias looking lion king Game
Six difgerencias looking lion king
Pumba want to play with him to find the six differences ...
Free Cyclists animals Game
Cyclists animals
travels the world with a few riders a little ...
Free Madagascar 2 Game
Madagascar 2
plays with the sympathetic characters drawings ...
Free Timon runs Game
Timon runs
The poor Timon is only in an ambush ...
Free Care for the animals at the zoo Game
Care for the animals at the zoo
a good time taking care of the most exotic ...
Free Madagascar: hidden lions Game
Madagascar: hidden lions
in this mini game of Madagascar you have to find all the lions ...
Free Zuma: The Lion King Game
Zuma: The Lion King
Play classic zuma game with friends Timon and Pumbaa. ...
Free Guard Lion King Game
Guard Lion King
Live the adventure with Kion Lion King, the guardian ...


Lions Games

How to play lions free, no downloads

The king of the jungle is the len, one of the strongest animals and giles ms inhabiting the African savannah. These predators are skilled in hunting and are at the top of the food chain, ningn Animal attacks them under any circumstances and the majority of animals when they see one of these animals can only flee for his life.

Some others like elephants traveling in droves thanks to its large size are protected, but usually attack the cras due to their small size is really difficult to find. Normally it is the female who often hunt and bring food to puppies, while the male only s hunt for it.

Like other animals lions live in packs, with a leader that keeps the herd together and protects. This leader retain its position until it is msdbil for another len what desafe for the post, then vern engaged in a struggle for survival and power. Now you can follow the story of young Simba, a lion that someday dominate the entire forest.

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