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The king of the jungle is the len, one of the strongest animals and giles ms inhabiting the African savannah. These predators are skilled in hunting and are at the top of the food chain, ningn Animal attacks them under any circumstances and the majority of animals when they see one of these animals can only flee for his life.

Some others like elephants traveling in droves thanks to its large size are protected, but usually attack the cras due to their small size is really difficult to find. Normally it is the female who often hunt and bring food to puppies, while the male only s hunt for it.

Like other animals lions live in packs, with a leader that keeps the herd together and protects. This leader retain its position until it is msdbil for another len what desafe for the post, then vern engaged in a struggle for survival and power. Now you can follow the story of young Simba, a lion that someday dominate the entire forest.

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