Games of Lion king

Move with Simba in search of his beloved Nala, save the savannah of the evil hyenas and his boss Scar
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Games of Lion king

Simba is ready to reign

One of Disney's greatest hits is the animated film the Lion King. This tells the story of a little lion named Simba, son of King Mufasa. Simba must learn everything necessary to one day become his father's successor, oblivious to the plans of his evil uncle Scar who plans to usurp the throne with the help of three hyenas. They will cause a stampede in which Mufasa would lose his life. Scar's plan had not succeeded at all because Simba has been saved and to compensate for the mistake, makes him feel guilty for the death of his father and gets him to run away, staying as king. Simba will meet Timón and Pumba who will raise him to become an adult lion until Nala appears in his life and tells him how things are in the kingdom since Scar is king. That is when Simba decides to return to occupy the throne that once belonged to his father.

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