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The aim and strength are everything when it comes to throwing an object towards your goal, especially if you're player of a sport in which you have to use a ball, ball or ball. For example in baseball pitcher you should be able to visualize the target and send the ball hurtling toward him, as if he can send it fast enough batter will not get it back.

In other cases like in football the goal is to cross the ball to the other end of the field avoiding rivals along the way, that is why the pillar of the team is the quarterback who must make a powerful pass to one of his companions untagged. These passes run through dozens of meters to the partner, it is essential that both the path and the force with which it launches is just to get to where the other player is.

While in basketball all this changes, since the objective is to pass the ball through a hoop in the basket. So often you need more accuracy than strength. In football we have to throw faults or throw penalty since those are the two direct shots of the sport.

But not all of our games will launch in reference to sport as there will be others that will launch people, creatures, animals (penguins, cows, etc.) and other objects like arrows or colored balls. This is the case of our games launch zombies into space, throwing rag dolls, throw your head when you have had enough, throw Pokéballs with the success of Pokémon Go and many more examples you can enjoy here in Fandejuegos. Do not wait and put to work your aim with these great mini-games!

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