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Free Kuzco saves flames Game
Kuzco saves flames
emperor kuzco has to save the flames of yzma spell ...
Free Runaway Cart, The Emperor's New Groove Game
Runaway Cart, The Emperor's New Groove
fun game of the TV series `` the emperor ...
Free Emperor Kuzco Game
Emperor Kuzco
Our dear Kuzco Emperor's New Groove is again ...
Free Kuzco Game
Play this fun game of the TV series: The Emperor#39;s ...


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The Kuzco category is dedicated to the craziest of the Disney universe emperor. This is the protagonist of the animated film, The Emperor's New Groove, The Emperor's New Groove in Latin America and The Emperor's New Groove English. This film came back animated series for Disney Channel Kuzco: The Emperor's New School, The Emperor's New School in the original English version. This is an adaptation of the children's tale The Emperor's New Clothes but little to this story looks like.

The main plot is that of Kuzco, a self-centered guy who had the power of the Inca Empire in the Peruvian Andes. His evil adviser, Yzma, tries to poison the emperor when he fires him. With the help of his son Kronk they try to make disappear the emperor but his attempts are only in turning it into a flame. Trapped in the body of this animal, Kuzco must find the way back home, since it was abandoned in the jungle, and to regain his throne from the evil hands of Yzma. To do so, it will have the help of a good peasant named Pacha that will leave your family to help Kuzco to go home. an important new character appears in the frame that is Malina, the prettiest girl from school and that Kuzco is madly in love on the Disney Channel.

The film garnered many successes at the time, getting sell much merchandising and turned the film into an animated series. This success has also been noticed in the world of video games as there are many who have as protagonist. On our website, you'll find some of them and you have to help Kuzco to beat Yzma and Kronk. Flee from them by becoming various animals in the game Mad Dash, performs tests the Olympics by the emperor or saves the flames of an uncertain future. These and others are the games you can find in The Emperor's New Groove with Kuzco to the head. Join to enjoy this fun character!

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