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The biggest gorilla we know needs you to return to Skull Island
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King kong Games

Handles the most famous gorilla of all time

The king of the apes is undoubtedly King Kong, a giant gorilla that lives on Calavera Island and who does not like visits. But everything changes when one day a human expedition arrives on the island in search of this mysterious ape from which they have heard incredible stories, their goal is to hunt down and display it in the city to earn money. But this being will not be easy to catch since it is gigantic and a conventional trap will not work with it. That is why the team formed by adventurous adventures and a beautiful lady, which will be the weakness of the ape. After trying different attacks and traps without any effect, they decide to ambush him using Miss as bait. While King Kong is entertained with her, the rest attack him and sleep him to capture him alive. The harsh reality hits this when it is seen on a ship on the way to New York to be exposed as an animal in a zoo, what nobody counted on is the force of a being so huge that it is able to escape its confinement and get on to the tallest building in the city with its hostage in tow.

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