Kidnapping Games

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🔥Get out of your kidnapping

End the captivity of the victims kidnapped by these disturbed. In some of these games, you can be the kidnapper and kill your victim or become the abductor.

In Kidnapping games you will have to Escape your aggressors with cunning and escape skills, you will have to leave the place where you are kidnapped without being caught by the psychopath who has kidnapped you. They will tie you to a chair and you will have to take the opportunity for when your aggressors are not here to start the escape. Explore the place in search of tools and weapons with which you will have to use to start the escape and get out alive. There are different games with different stories where you will have to use all your ingenuity to solve all the riddles and escape before it is too late. They are graphic adventure games or also known as click and point games where you will use the mouse to interact with the characters and solve the puzzles that arise along the way.

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