Kick Buttowski Games

Kick Buttowski is a 12-year-old acrobat who likes action and danger
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Kick Buttowski Games

Become a professional extreme sports

Kick Buttowski is a successful original animation series by Disney XD. The complete name of the series is Kick Buttowski Suburban Daredevil, translated in Latin like Kick Buttowski: Half double of risk and in Spain like Kick Buttowski to dry. The series has 52 chapters and was a success for having a different theme to what we are accustomed by the hobbies of this little one. We tell the story of Clarence Frances Buttowski, although he prefers to be called Kick, a boy of 12 years who dreams of being the greatest extreme sportsman in the world. He is an acrobat who likes action and danger a lot, and always has the help of his best friend Gunther.

If you are passionate about extreme sports, you love action, speed and danger is your category. You will have to help Kick in all the adventures that we have prepared these games. You will have to drive vehicles like mopeds and do aerobatics to become a professional in extreme sports. Racing games, sports, adventures and many more come together in the category of Kick Buttowski games, are you going to miss it?

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