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Free Jump rope or string Game
Jump rope or string
as the name suggests you have to jump rope to keep playing. ...
Free The floor is lava! Game
The floor is lava!
The floor is lava and the player must avoid ...
Free Flubber Rise Game
Flubber Rise
Jump with this monster with a ball as high as possible ...
Free SpongeBob in the clouds Game
SpongeBob in the clouds
SpongeBob wants to get to the top of the sky and clouds ...
Free Freeway Fury Game
Freeway Fury
Play this addictive game where you have to jump from car to car driving ...
Free Brave Boy 2 Game
Brave Boy 2
this guy is super brave. It has a mission ...
Free Jumping cavemen Game
Jumping cavemen
This cave has to collect fruit for a good snack. ...
Free Long jump Game
Long jump
Today we bring a new athletics event ...
Free Dolphin Olympics Game
Dolphin Olympics
in the vast ocean, every year a few high jumps ...
Free Jumper 3 Game
Jumper 3
This puppet is practicing his skills with the jump and it needs ...
Free King of Fighters Bull Game
King of Fighters Bull
Would you dare to jump an enraged bull ?. in this game you are in the middle ...
Free Little rocketman Game
Little rocketman
Fun skill game where you have to train ...
Free Poly Bridgie: Jumping bridges Game
Poly Bridgie: Jumping bridges
Play Poly Bridgie breaks new bridges and new vehicles. ...
Free Olympics: trampolining Game
Olympics: trampolining
Soon will come the Olympic Games in Rio 2016 and we want to honor ...

+ Jumping Games

Free Naruto: super jumps Game
Naruto: super jumps
Naruto in this game you have to jump super ...
Free Help me fly Game
Help me fly
the goal is to fly, at first not be easy and only lead fly a few meters ...
Free Sonic jumping Game
Sonic jumping
Sonic returns to play a new game to jump on different ...
Free SpongeBob seesaw Game
SpongeBob seesaw
balanceate with Patrick and SpongeBob to catch ...
Free Bmx competition Game
Bmx competition
BMX handles like an extension of your body, if you do you certainly ...
Free Super jumps on a motorcycle Game
Super jumps on a motorcycle
in this game you ride a motocross bike impressive ...
Free Motorcycles: Super jumps Game
Motorcycles: Super jumps
Great game for jumping motocross and good graphics. ...
Free The jumping Beaver River Game
The jumping Beaver River
fun game where you must jump from log to log and also collect ...
Free Bmx freestyle Game
Bmx freestyle
practice your little tricks standing ...
Free Motocross in the sand Game
Motocross in the sand
Get on your motocross bike and performs all the circuit ...
Free The floor is lava!! Online Game
The floor is lava!! Online
Be very careful with the floor, it becomes ...
Free Free-fall parachute Game
Free-fall parachute
feeling dizzy in this game where a parachutist ...
Free Parachute 2 Game
Parachute 2
Play this fun game of parachute jumps. you have to jump from the plane ...
Free Pikachu saves his friends Game
Pikachu saves his friends
Pikachu's friends have been kidnapped by gorillas ...
Free ClusterTruck flash Game
ClusterTruck flash
ClusterTruck flash version is a mini game of extreme ...
Free Bmx extreme Game
Bmx extreme
Prove yourself in front of thousands ...
Free Hot rod Game
Hot rod
Play this fun game motorcycle jump and jump 15 buses ...
Free Minions jump rope Game
Minions jump rope
Play the game Minions to jump rope or others ...
Free Ferrari Game
you want to buy a car and you went to the Ferrari ...
Free Jump the rope Game
Jump the rope
have a good time playing this fun game of jump rope. ...
Free One Piece crosses the river Game
One Piece crosses the river
It helps onepiece has cross the river ...
Free Jumps race Game
Jumps race
all you can run forward and dodge all the obstacles, ...
Free Horses in the desert Game
Horses in the desert
your job is to transport water in the desert ...
Free Goku jumps! Game
Goku jumps!
Our friend Goku has to cross the river and this will have to jump through ...
Free BMX bikes Game
BMX bikes
have a good time playing this game bike jumps. ...
Free Dirt bikes Game
Dirt bikes
Ride your dirt bike new and impressive scale obstacles. ...
Free Olympic Games 2012 Game
Olympic Games 2012
He wants to be the first to play the Olympic ...
Free Bart Simpson in the BMX competition Game
Bart Simpson in the BMX competition
bart simpson has a challenge: winning the BMX competition ...
Free Acrobatic jumps Game
Acrobatic jumps
helps these athletes to fulfill ...
Free Ben 10 and his quad Game
Ben 10 and his quad
enjoys ben 10 and his quad. beam jumps, spins ...
Free Roadrunners sonic Game
Roadrunners sonic
new sonic adventure, the most famous hedgehog ...
Free Flip Master Game
Flip Master
Jump on the trampoline with the master of the pirouettes ...
Free Sheep Jumper Game
Sheep Jumper
You will handle a dog and have to jump the maximum ...
Free Flappy Minion Prison Game
Flappy Minion Prison
The Minions are locked up in the maximum ...
Free Thief on the run Game
Thief on the run
In this game you are a thief of safes ...
Free Skate game 2 Game
Skate game 2
the second part of game skate but improved much improved, ...
Free Panic in suburbia Game
Panic in suburbia
Panic in suburbia is a fantastic platform ...
Free Geometry Dash: Mini Car Mods Game
Geometry Dash: Mini Car Mods
Be the first to play this new mod of Geometry ...
Free Pj Masks jumping Game
Pj Masks jumping
Follow the adventure of PJ Masks with Catboy ...
Free An ordinary day Game
An ordinary day
This man is on a normal day of his life, ...
Free 100 meters Game
100 meters
great 3D game where you have to win the championship ...
Free Fox on a mission Game
Fox on a mission
This fox mission is to reach the top of a cliff, ...
Free The minions Game
The minions
the minions want to reach the moon jumping ...
Free Berzerk Ball 2 Game
Berzerk Ball 2
this a very heavy game where you have to throw ...
Free Bakugan on the flying board Game
Bakugan on the flying board
Bakugan has a new flying board and want to test its performance. ...


Jumping Games

How to play jumping free, no downloads

In many sports and games for children one of the most recurring activities is to jump. That is why, in a lot of games we find that the bottom line is to make a good jump, either using your own body or some sort of vehicle. In the Olympics are many sports jump as high jump, pole vault and long jump. They will have to run a rather short distance and then jump to exceed the target or achieve greater distance. On our website, you will find games of this type where you have to go looking your best jump to impose the rest of rivals.

Another form of games involving jumping are those based on classic games from childhood. This is the case of jump rope, also known as jump rope, jump or skip the elastic rubber. They are very simple game but very entertaining time in which you have to jump a rope before they hit you on your feet, but you've lost.

But there are many types of games that involve jumping and that is why we have done this category, where games meet very different but with this common feature. We have games to jump and shoot, skydive, jumping from buildings, jumping trains and overcome all obstacles or so crazy games that consist of jumping into the void without knowing that you are getting down. If you're a boy / a very jumpy, you have to try this great amount of games we have for you!

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