free Islands Games

free Islands Games

There are many adventures that can get to live on an island. There are paradisiacal where a fantastic holiday, deserted in which you can find lost treasure or go in search of an old pirate chest.

Islands Games

Free Escape from shark attack Game
Escape from shark attack
Free Indian tribe Game
Indian tribe
Free Tropical island escape Game
Tropical island escape
Free Robinson Crusoe Game
Robinson Crusoe
Free Island hop Game
Island hop
Free The colonizing island Game
The colonizing island
Free Star Island Game
Star Island

+ Islands Games

Free Total drama flying planes Game
Total drama flying planes
Free Drama Island Game
Drama Island
Free Paparazzi Game
Free Total drama barber Game
Total drama barber
Free Kisses from total drama Game
Kisses from total drama
Free Island adventures Game
Island adventures
Free Super ninjaman Game
Super ninjaman
Free Groups of musicians Game
Groups of musicians
Free Minigolf 99 Game
Minigolf 99
Free Miniature on the island Game
Miniature on the island
Free My Sims Island Game
My Sims Island
Free Pirates in the Caribbean Game
Pirates in the Caribbean
Free Adventures on the mysterious island Game
Adventures on the mysterious island
Free Vacation without pumps Game
Vacation without pumps
Free Cartoon: minigolf Game
Cartoon: minigolf
Free Empire: The Spanish conquest Game
Empire: The Spanish conquest
Free Chief Game
Free Create your mysterious island Game
Create your mysterious island
Free Fight against pirates zombies Game
Free Create an island paradise Game
Create an island paradise
Free The pimitive Game
The pimitive
Free Happy Tree Friends - Happy Trails 2 Game
Happy Tree Friends - Happy Trails 2
Free Survive Escape Game
Survive Escape
Free Monkey island Game
Monkey island
Free Conquer the treasure island Game
Conquer the treasure island
Free Fighting pirates Game
Fighting pirates
Free Sgt.mayhem Game


Islands Games

How to play islands free, no downloads

There are an infinite number of islands in the oceans of our planet, in these wonderful things as priceless treasures are hidden. These treasures were hidden to not be found and only those with the map can find them, if they are able to overcome all the traps and solve the puzzles.

Get a real treasure map and embark on your search, to do so should get a boat and crew to reach the site legit pointing the map. If you get to where you will find the treasure you must solve puzzles that put to protect access to the treasure, if you solve them direct you to new areas that take you right to the prize.

But all is not that simple because a misstep can trigger a deadly trap, you will find lots of skewers filled pits, crushing rocks, poisoned darts and all sorts of ingenious traps. If you can avoid all this, you are the real treasure worthy and now belongs to you, you just have to go home to spend it all.

But it is not the only adventure that can be given on an island. We all know the story of Robinson Crusoe after a shipwreck that ended in a seemingly deserted island, then discovered the existence of unfriendly Indian tribes. Here you must also survive a shipwreck on an island and get away. Some of those who are lost are celebrities like the mischievous Bart Simpson not sit still end up abandoned on a desert island you have to try out. Another option to play a game island will live an adventure with characters from the animated series Drama Island, also join the party on our website. Choose the adventure that suits your tastes and begins to live it in first person!

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