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Inside Out

Inside Out Games

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One of the recent successes of Disney Pixar film has been the Inside Out, also known as Intense-Mind in the Latin American version and the setback in Spanish. He received a rave review multiple nominations and awards among which the Golden Globe for best animated film. A success of the film comes to our site and it created this category to cover all games where the Intense-Mind theme.

The film is a small call Riley on whose head is home to five of their feelings: joy, sadness, fear, disgust and Furia (the last three are called fear, disgust and anger in the Spanish version). These emotions are depicted as characters who watch over the memories of the protagonist, which are stored in spheres with color that identifies each emotion. Joy will be responsible for leading this group of feelings to keep happiness in Riley but everything changes when the protagonist's parents move to another city and the problems begin. On his first day of class Sadness causes the child to cry in front of everyone and make a very important sad memory, which Joy will want to prevent the battery reaches of essential memories. There begins an adventure in which these two feelings will face the task of saving the inner world of Riley begins to fall apart because of their feelings.

If you still have not seen you can not miss this great movie love both children and parents and has a very nice message inside. Whether you've seen but you can start enjoying all the games that go bringing about this fantastic animated film. You can experience new adventures with characters from Inside Out for fun that brings the movie never ends. You must be aware of this new section in which you can already find several games and will continue to be updated for your enjoyment.

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