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Hunting Games

Spend a day of virtual hunting

Here you can play to hunt different animals such as ducks, pigeons, chickens or even dragons. You must have good aim to hit the target and not make him flee without one of your bullets or arrows ending in his head. Are you ready to become the best hunter on the planet ?. Learn everything you need to know about the most dangerous animals on the planet to hunt them from these hunting games.

There are many types of hunting, some are based on laying traps in specific areas and attract the animal to them or simply wait for someone to fall into them. There are also other tactics in which several individuals are responsible for corralling an animal, to knock it down with a spear.

Although some prefer to use bows or crossbows due to its range and being a really silent weapons, do not alert the other animals around and if you learn to use it will be very helpful. In some cases, hunters will stalk their prey in a passage area or drink water to hit a mortal blow as soon as they appear.

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