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Visit the craziest hotel in Transylvania

Dracula has invested all his savings to build a huge hotel monsters only for humans not disturbed. This hotel is located in Transylvania, in the deep woods so no one can find it.

This hotel spend many entertaining adventures for all monsters gather and spend very peculiar things.

The Boss of monsters and manager of Hotel Transylvania is Dracula, Mavis's father and grandfather Dennis. In the first adventure Hotel Transylvania, Count Dracula wants to celebrate the 118th birthday of his daughter Mavis, a young vampire who dreams of exploring the world of humans to know them better, but his father does everything possible to not fulfill his wish . Thing he could do, because a young man named Johnny in at the deep forest where he found the Hotel Transylvania monstrous monster and camouflaged to avoid attention. When he was at the hotel he met Mavis and won her heart.

Now they are very happy and have had an adorable son mesclado with human and vampire blood. This couple have decided to make a vacation and have left the boy to his grandfather Count Dracula. The Earl is convinced that one of them is "A Dracula" and will make thousands of tests to convince everyone that his grandson is a real monster but may be wrong and not what you expect, or maybe you.

Step into the Hotel Transylvania to unravel all the enigmas of hotel searching and finding mysterious objects that are camouflaged in the wreckage of the hotel. Have fun playing great games your friends monsters Hotel Transylvania.

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