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Free Hostesses aircraft Game
Hostesses aircraft
you're a stewardess plane and your mission ...
Free Airport control Game
Airport control
You have to take care of shipment control at this airport ...
Free Since vegetable cicily Game
Since vegetable cicily
in this game you have to treat customers ...
Free Gas station Game
Gas station
You have the only gas station in this city and your job is to serve ...
Free Boutique bride Game
Boutique bride
You'll be the boss of this boutique specializing ...
Free Dress stewardess Game
Dress stewardess
The airline wants to change the uniforms ...
Free Stewardess tickets Game
Stewardess tickets
he works as a stewardess tickets to increase ...
Free Love gift shop Game
Love gift shop
works nonstop with love gift shop where boys and girls ...
Free Clothing store sales Game
Clothing store sales
I invite you to visit my first clothing ...
Free Mysterious magic potions Game
Mysterious magic potions
you#39;re a new witch in town and have decided ...

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Free Castle hotel Game
Castle hotel
You#39;ve invested your life savings in buying ...
Free Work in the spa Game
Work in the spa
You#39;re the head of this great spa and your mission ...
Free Manager Restaurant Game
Manager Restaurant
this restaurant comes many demanding customers ...
Free Hairdressing for girls Game
Hairdressing for girls
You have your own hairdresser for girls and your mission ...
Free Stewardess Game
test you on your new job as a hostess ...
Free Panic at the movies Game
Panic at the movies
in this simulation game you have to work as a waitress ...
Free Restaurant stress Game
Restaurant stress
you have to help the owner of this restaurant ...
Free Cindy salon Game
Cindy salon
cindy has opened his second salon ...
Free City ​​zoo Game
City ​​zoo
city ​​zoo is a game where you#39;re the boss of a major ...
Free Ice cream bar Game
Ice cream bar
You have the best bar in the ski resort ...
Free Hotel Receptionists Game
Hotel Receptionists
In this game of hotel receptionists you have to attend ...
Free The waitress Game
The waitress
you#39;re in a fancy restaurant and your customers ...
Free Waitress adventures Game
Waitress adventures
help this waitress has to fulfill his dream ...
Free Restaurants for valentines Game
Restaurants for valentines
in this restaurant are all cited for an elegant ...
Free Baby: nurseries Game
Baby: nurseries
You have the best nursery in the city and all the moms bring ...
Free Disco in Ibiza Game
Disco in Ibiza
You are the owner of one of the most important ...
Free Hot dog restaurant Game
Hot dog restaurant
Help these girls lift this hot dog restaurant. first ...
Free Smurf restaurant Game
Smurf restaurant
You have the only restaurant in the city Smurf ...
Free Hotel by the sea Game
Hotel by the sea
You have a hotel in the sea and you have to serve ...
Free Receptionist Simulator Game
Receptionist Simulator
With the receptionist simulator you will play to be the best receptionist ...
Free Summer sales Game
Summer sales
I have been engaged in a dress shop for rebates ...
Free Pet Shop Ver.2 Game
Pet Shop Ver.2
In this game you have to work as a clerk ...
Free Fitness center Game
Fitness center
you are a new entrepreneur and have opened ...
Free Shop clothes and accessories Game
Shop clothes and accessories
Help these girls lift this luxury boutique ...
Free Cruise vacation Game
Cruise vacation
play this fun game of managing the tasks ...
Free Waitress at the brewery Game
Waitress at the brewery
where he works waitress many impatient ...
Free Pizza king 2 Game
Pizza king 2
put on your apron and serves pizza restaurant ...
Free Restaurant for aliens Game
Restaurant for aliens
aliens have kidnapped you to serve in the restaurant ...
Free SpongeBob: Restaurant Game
SpongeBob: Restaurant
SpongeBob has control of the Krusty Krab and has to serve ...
Free Fast food at school Game
Fast food at school
you have to serve food to all students and teachers ...
Free Reception Game
It welcomes hotel guests with pleasure ...
Free Kisses: Spring Break Game
Kisses: Spring Break
You are about to travel by plane when the flight ...
Free Family restaurant Game
Family restaurant
you opened a restaurant around the downtown ...
Free Navy girl dress Game
Navy girl dress
as the statement says the game have to dress ...
Free Swimwear store Game
Swimwear store
you had a good idea to install a swimwear ...
Free Garage tycoon Game
Garage tycoon
just opened a workshop in your city and your mission ...
Free Hiking in the park Game
Hiking in the park
Today we hike to the park and we have to have a good time. ...
Free Spa sashas Game
Spa sashas
you work for one of the largest luxury hotels ...
Free Burger restaurant 4 Game
Burger restaurant 4
Play this fun game of restaurant. you are the owner ...
Free Fuel Frenzy Game
Fuel Frenzy
In this game you have to manage all the tasks ...
Free Boutique Game
maria helps the opening of a boutique, ...
Free Make up barbie Game
Make up barbie
Barbie fun game in which you must make up Barbie ...
Free Virtual restaurant Game
Virtual restaurant
in this enterprising to won the lottery and has decided ...
Free Frenzy casino Game
Frenzy casino
Will you be able to manage the frenzy ...
Free Build family park Game
Build family park
In this game you have to create the best amusement ...
Free Hotel accommodation with breakfast Game
Hotel accommodation with breakfast
You're the new hotel manager and your mission ...
Free Puppy Center Game
Puppy Center
this girl to run alone at home because their ...
Free Mickeys crazy lounge Game
Mickeys crazy lounge
Mickey has set up a business and must serve ...
Free Sleepers hostesses Game
Sleepers hostesses
help this guy make tens of mischief while traveling ...


Hostesses Games

How to play hostesses free, no downloads

In both private and commercial flight cabin crew is the mainstay for travelers, they are in charge of putting passengers in the seats and check all safety standards.

Once all passengers are sitting comfortably, the flight chosen destination starts. If any of them need something you can call stewardess irencantada to help, they can simply get you something to drink or eat but if something goes wrong estn prepared to give medical help to passengers.

Being cabin crew is not easy as you have to be able to speak several languages, have good people skills and most importantly you must like traveling as recorrers the world. If you meet these requirements you can now train you for this high-flying profession in which you can meet all kinds of people, you can even get to meet celebrities and if you're lucky to work on his private jet.

If you do not like flying you can also be a stewardess of congresses, where promocionars products for different companies who want publicity.

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