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Free Who's your enemy? Henry Danger Game
Who's your enemy? Henry Danger
Who will be your enemy of Henry Danger? ...
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Danger Thunder
Hurry up to rescue the train passengers ...
Free Henry Danger Game
Henry Danger
Solve the problems of the Swellview city with superheroes ...

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Danger vs Thunder: Paint
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Penguin in danger
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Justin Bieber in danger
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Henry danger Games

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Henry Danger is a successful television series starring a boy who becomes a superhero assistant. It was first performed in 2014 by the television network Nickelodeon and already has three seasons on the air being televised on several networks like Clan TV in Spain.

The series is starring Henry Hart a young man of 13 who gets a job as a superhero fighting mate Captain Man. As superhero adopts the name Kid Captain Danger Man and help to fight crime in the city. The boy will combine his studies at the school with the life of a superhero secret because you can not tell anyone your real work. The rest of the cast is made up protagonist Charlotte, Jasper and Piper. The first two are the best friends of Henry while the latter is his younger sister 9 years.

Throughout the series we will see how the secret of the boy will be less secretive when their friends go learning that works as a superhero and not as an assistant in the shop Junk'n Stuff, which is where he hides the secret lair captain Man. in each chapter are to face a new problem that must solve as captain Danger Man and Kid. One of the most successful chapters in the series was the crossover between Henry Danger and The Thundermans, where characters from both series came together to create a special chapter.

Now comes our web Henry Danger category where we will collect the best games of these superheroes. You can find many adventure games and more relaxed as puzzles or painting. All this and more you can find in this section of the site dedicated exclusively to Henry Danger, Captain Man and all the other characters in the cast of the series. If you like Henry Danger can not miss any of our games!

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