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Henry Danger has gotten a good job what he did not know was going to become Kid Danger, the assistant to the famous superhero Captain Man and that his life would be reflected in a series of Nickelodeon.
Henry Danger Danger Thunder Henry Danger's Tetris Day of Danger !: Henry Danger Who's your enemy? Henry Danger

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Henry Danger

The hero of Nickelodeon Henry Danger

Henry Hart has the mission of living his life as a normal teenager with keeping a great secret behind his back. Henry has done part-time work at the Trash store and more. The owner of the store is Ray, a somewhat enigmatic man who will soon tell Henry that the store is actually a cover and his job is to be a superhero named Captain Man. He also hires Henry as his assistant under the name from Kid Danger and together they will have to fight the villains of the city. This funny story has the support of the Nickelodeon audience and has been on the air for five seasons.

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