Helicopters Games

Pilot helicopters ready for war and loaded with the best ammunition
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Helicopters Games

Pilot the war helicopters

When flying humans have developed different methods to lack of wings, one is the helicopter. A device that thanks to a large helix at the top and one at the tail, lets you keep in the air in a fixed position or move towards wanting the pilot.

These vehicles are used in a variety of tasks, from commercial flights where the views are breathtaking up in the fighting in a distant war. If you like excitement you can now become a fighter pilot, where tendrs to help soldiers who are on earth to go through a hostile city.

But it is not easy since each roof or balcony can hide an enemy, why should it be attentive to dodge an RPG anytime you shoot the enemy. In addition your work also include bringing soldiers to pick incursino points in the shootout at the point of extraction to end its mission in enemy territory.

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