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Happy tree friends Games

Happy tree friends Games

Happy Tree Friends are videos of animations is very friendly animals that suffer unpleasant incidents and deranged series like Itchy & Scratchy of the Simpsons.

To familiarize ourselves a little in the series we make available the names of the characters from Happy Tree Friends. They consist of eight pets named Sniffles, Flaky, Lumpy, Cuddles, Nutty, Petunia, Russell and Pop. We will describe the characters so you can identify them more easily.

Sniffles start with, he's an adorable elephant light blue and the only one using vision goggles, is one of the most popular characters because it is the most cause mischief to their friends.

Flaky is a red hedgehog with spikes full of white dandruff and almost always crying jokes that causes his friends.

Lumpy is an elk or deer with different horns, one facing up and one down. It is light blue and has low intelligence, has a look of psychopath and despite being sympathetic is very wrong with their attackers.

Cuddles is a very nice bunny yellow with theirs. It has an ability that we can find out why you are sad every time tends to tender ears down and is happy if his ears are raised to keep up.

Nutty is an adorable squirrel is passionate candy and is unmistakable for its green color.

Petunia is a female fox indigo and is passionate about cooking and the environment but can be very dangerous if your anger is aroused.

Russell is an otter turquoise and always wears clothes like a great pirate captain pirate hat, red shirt and white stripes, has a hook in his left hand and shoes legs sticks.

Pop is a beaver brown and usually wear a hat, bathrobe and is always smoking a pipe.

Now that you know a bit of the Happy Tree Friends, you can enjoy your Grim Adventures of drama and terror they present.