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Games of Hangman

Games of Hangman

The Hangman is one of the classics that still persist today in da. Its operation is simple, you have to guess a particular word from which you can only see the number of letters it contains.

To guess the word you have to go begging letters or vowels, if this letter one or more times they shall show their proper place and continue this process until the word or to guess. The problem comes if we say a letter that is not on the floor in a matter, as we begin to draw a mueco sticks by hanging by a rope parties.

Each fault seruna new part of this mueco, if we're wrong several times and comes complete mueco have lost. In addition if we try to guess the word fail is completarautomticamente cuestiny the mueco losing the game. If ests ready to jeopardize the life of a poor muequito under pressure and check if you can really solve the words you they arise.

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