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Kitchen rich burgers

One of the favorite foods in half the world are certainly burgers, now you can learn how to prepare this delicious dish your way. Try combinations of spices, meats and vegetables to get the most original burger world.

But not only must be original, because it is essential to be the more flavorful the world. To do this you must learn from the best chefs their tech- recipes and integrate them into your own, getting the best dish you can offer.

When you get the final and everyone wants to try it, it's time to assemble your own restaurant that offer this dish and some ms. Since you can serve different kinds of burgers and other restaurant chains or serve various dishes that combine to perfection. If your restaurant debers grows up a network of restaurants, so debers share your great recipe cooks you decide to hire and supervise all cooked the best possible product.

Turn on the kitchen to start cooking delicious hamburgers that your customers ask for

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