Graphic Adventures Games

Puzzles and other challenges you will have to overcome to complete these graphic adventures.
Island Survival 3DShadow Boy AdventuresTomb Raider with Lara CroftSnail Bob 8: Island StoryAdam and Eve 6Adam and Eve AstronautUnknown World: Create a WorldLost in the ruinsGo through the dungeonsAlfy
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Adam and Eve 7Pinstripe: A father in hellRebel PrincessJust in timeFall of the girlThe time workerCold kingLock DungeonAssassins Creed

Other Graphic Adventures games

Super washDunk JumpChaos RoadkillRacing Rocket 2Let´s Paint TogetherBaby Hazel: Earth DaySpiderman Gunman HeroBaby Olie: Camp Day

Graphic Adventures Games

Mechanisms, puzzles and much more in these graphic adventures

The graphic adventure games are all those whose resolution of the story will go through solving mechanisms, puzzles and puzzles by the protagonists. One of the most characteristic games of this genre are those of Lara Croft, in Tomb Raider, or those of Uncharted to name some of the best known today. But all this genre began much earlier since the first games of this style date from the beginning of the 90s. In graphic adventures they are usually divided into two.

On the one hand the graphic action adventures that are the ones that we mentioned previously in which puzzles must be made and overcome obstacles to reach the different goals. Then we have the educational graphic adventures that are aimed at children and whose objective is to teach them to acquire knowledge through activities. Within the graphic adventures we also have the typical point and click games, which you must find the elements at the click of a mouse. You will find all this and much more in this new category of the web and we invite you to be very attentive to not miss the news that is coming.

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