Gorillas Games

Gorillas are the protagonists of video games and proof of this are Donkey Kong, Toki and many others who have made these animals very famous in online minigames.
Bananamania Food for gorillas Gorilla Gorilla bang bang Monkey island Gorillart- odyssey
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Other Gorillas games

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Furious gorillas await you

They are the primates that live in the forests of Central Africa and are the largest among all primates. With great strength and agility, these primates are capable of running at full speed using their four legs or perching on any tree using any of their legs. Such is their agility that they can climb with a tree in a matter of an instant without us noticing. These apes have given rise to films like King Kong or the planet of the apes, in the first we found a gigantic gorilla that lived on the island of the skull. Other famous gorillas, this time from the world of videogames, are Toki or Donkey Kong, a classic game from the beginning of the game consoles.

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