free Gorillas Games

free Gorillas Games

It controls the gorillas, this species of the family of the monkeys but of great size. You will have to help them climb the trees, have fun with their drawings or feed them bananas among other things. You will have to experience different situations with the animal and help you not to be captured.

Gorillas Games

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Gorilla bang bang
Free Gorilla Game
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Food for gorillas
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Gorillart- odyssey
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+ Gorillas Games

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Gorillas Games

How to play Gorillas free, no downloads

Primates are living in the forests of central Africa and are the largest among all primates. With great strength and agility, these primates are able to run at full speed using its four legs or climb any tree using any of its legs.

Such is his agility can come up with a tree in a matter of a moment without us realizing it. These apes have resulted in films like King Kong or the Planet of the Apes, at first we were a giant gorilla who lived on the island of the skull.

This gorilla was captured by a human expedition and brought to the big city to show it, but did not have the great strength of the animal escaped and climbed the iconic Empire State. In the Planet of the Apes these planet after taking an experimental drug achieved through an improvement in their brain capabilities, they faced the humans who had been killed by a disease passed from apes to humans.

Other famous gorillas, this time the world of video games, are Toki or Donkey Kong classics games since the start of the game consoles. Here you can enjoy them and other gorillas in the jungle. Giant gorilla climbing buildings or weapons handling important missions. All this and more can enjoy it with us, in Fanfreegames!

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