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Gladiators Games

Gladiators Games

The life of a gladiator was full of glory while suffering, in ancient Rome these champions fought in fierce combat in circuses offering a bloody spectacle to the masses. These gladiators were mostly slaves or prisoners of war coming from every part of the empire. Some were exotic warriors who specialize in different weapons and combat arts, not only were pushed to fight to fight each other but to do so until death.

There were also schools where gladiators trained slaves to become real fighters, able to fight several enemies simultaneously and defeat almost any weapon. Put yourself in the skin of a true gladiator, conquering the Roman arenas and audience because they are the one who decides who lives and who dies. But not only we limit ourselves to melee, as in the Roman arena has room for all. Even in the circus of Rome, they came to celebrate animal fights or struggles with cars.

Winning one of these shows gave the opportunity to riches, win the favor of the people and to give up your status gladiator. The loser still had a chance to live and it was if the public decided that it did, it was because he had fought bravely and could miss a great fighter for following duels. Your mission in these games will get the win and win each of these death matches. Do not leave the decision of your life in the hands of a thirst thirsty public, the best way to rid yourself is getting beat. Fight like a gladiator and manages to overcome each of these online games gladiators.

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