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Do not fear the ghosts

The tormented souls are trapped in limbo, this place is among the world of the living and the dead. So you love this world and want to contact the spirits must go to a place where something tragic happens, sometimes find an old haunted mansion.

If you dare to go to the mansion is possible that the ghosts do not like and try allpor miss any means. You must be strong and not let you scare easily, since in many cases only minor ghosts want to scare you out but not harm you. But if you find yourself with a spirit of great power and hatred may leave really hurt and can even die, you have to go prepared with good ycmara flashlight to record everything that happens.

Some of these phenomena is only possible to travs of photographs capture them, it is amazing what can appear in a photograph made in one of these places. Many people go to these sites without really believing in these entities, but to get home and look at the pictures of the place are really convinced that they exist. Aventrate now to tour the most dark and gloomy places in the world.

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