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The games of the famous movie Ghostbusters already have their own place on our website. Join the great team that will be in charge of catching the souls in pain and saving the world from great scares.
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Catch the ghosts and do not let them escape

Ghostbusters is an American film, Ghostbusters in its original title, which had great success on the big screen. Today it is considered one of the cult films and every movie fan has had to watch this great movie. The film tells the adventures of three parapsychologists who set up their own ghostbusters business and investigate paranormal phenomena. For this they use very advanced technology to capture these paranormal manifestations and become very well-known characters, making their business a success. His success caused a sequel to be released under the title of Ghostbusters II (Ghostbusters II). This new film was less successful than the first one but still achieved good results at the box office.

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