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Ghostbusters Games

Catch the ghosts and do not let them escape

The Ghostbusters is an American film, Ghostbusters in its original title, which had a great success on the big screen. Today is considered one of the cult films and every movie fan has had to see this great movie. The film tells the adventures of three parapsychologists who set up their own business of ghostbusters and investigate paranormal phenomena. For this they use very advanced technology to capture these paranormal manifestations and they become well-known personages, making your business a success. His success caused a sequel to be released under the title of Ghostbusters II. This new movie was less successful than the first one but still got good results at the box office.

Recently, in the year 2016, a new version of the Ghostbusters premiered but this time the group was conformed by only girls. This new film was also a great success because it versioned the original film giving a return to the script. The success of these films has led to the sale of a large amount of merchandising, selling costumes, their Lego or Playmobil versions among many other things.

Now you can enjoy this selection of games Ghostbusters in which you will have to carry out your new adventures. You must use their advanced gadgets to hunt ectoplasms and put people safe. You will be able to play with the mythical characters of the series and with others that have added to this madness of the Ghostbusters, as it is the case of the ex- president of the United States Barack Obama. Start enjoying Ghostbusters games with us!