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Free Escape: kidnapped girls Game
Escape: kidnapped girls
play this game of escape where you are in an office ...
Free Prison break Game
Prison break
you have been imprisoned in the maximum security prison ...
Free Obama Van Helsing Game
Obama Van Helsing
plays another exciting game where ...
Free Obama in the Dark 2 Game
Obama in the Dark 2
obama must save scooby doo and his friends demonic ...
Free Escape the Titanic Game
Escape the Titanic
the Titanic is about to sink in and to escape ...
Free Warp Forest Game
Warp Forest
You are lost in a jungle and to find the exit must collect ...
Free Mr. crab and plankton Game
Mr. crab and plankton
SpongeBob burst a pipe and the pipe crap is invading ...
Free Escape the Tyrannosaurus rex Game
Escape the Tyrannosaurus rex
You are in the middle of a lush forest ...
Free Escape the house of ghosts Game
Escape the house of ghosts
You#39;ve received a large inheritance ...
Free Escape from the Indian tribe Game
Escape from the Indian tribe
some natives will have kidnapped and you have locked ...
Free Escape class Game
Escape class
You've probably experienced the situation ...
Free Bermuda Escape Game
Bermuda Escape
Solve all the possible puzzles on the Bermuda ...
Free Anacondas Game
You always had curiosity about anacondas ...
Free Gangnam style: Escape the Dragon Game
Gangnam style: Escape the Dragon
playing new gangnam style game where ...
Free Escape the house caged Game
Escape the house caged
you have to escape this cage house where you#39;re ...
Free Rescues the world cup Game
Rescues the world cup
the mighty god Zeus has kidnapped the cup of the World ...
Free Darksiders Warmastered Game
Darksiders Warmastered
Darksiders is a very popular game that will come soon for major ...
Free Haunted Game
This man was returning home after a long day of work. ...
Free Escape clinical Game
Escape clinical
you are mentally disturbed and you have to escape ...
Free Dodge zombies running Game
Dodge zombies running
Hurry up and get to run everything you can to escape ...
Free Professor Milton: Trip to the Moon Game
Professor Milton: Trip to the Moon
this scientist you see in the photo is Professor ...
Free Escape room with water Game
Escape room with water
We bring you escape a challenge where ...
Free Escape the tropical Island 2 Game
Escape the tropical Island 2
In the first part of the Tropical Island ...
Free An ordinary day Game
An ordinary day
This man is on a normal day of his life, ...
Free Escape: santa claus tied Game
Escape: santa claus tied
a maniac has bound to a cilla santa ...
Free The Chapo Guzman Game
The Chapo Guzman
They have captured the Chapo Guzman and now is forced ...
Free King Arthur Game
King Arthur
the small King Arthur has to meet the magician ...
Free Criminals are escaping from prison Game
Criminals are escaping from prison
in the high security prison of Alcatraz it has been a huge explosion ...
Free Escapes from prison Game
Escapes from prison
has imprisoned you for something you did not do, i blamed ...
Free Bratz: escape Game
Bratz: escape
the game is very simple, you must go to the exit door without ...
Free Escape the nightmare of messi Game
Escape the nightmare of messi
leo messi is nestled into a nightmare that can only escape ...
Free Escape from jail Game
Escape from jail
you have been locked in a maximum security ...
Free Escape the mall Game
Escape the mall
you have been trapped inside a mall and not pass until ...
Free Egypt escape Game
Egypt escape
egypt militia has kidnapped for ransom ...
Free Escape the alien ship Game
Escape the alien ship
In this game you have to escape from a strange ...
Free Sewer escape 2 Game
Sewer escape 2
In this game you have to help the hamster ...
Free 4 loves ticket Game
4 loves ticket
Help this guy has to get an appointment with these ...
Free Escape from the pool Game
Escape from the pool
you are locked in this pool and no one to help. ...
Free Escape the horror house Game
Escape the horror house
Your friends have spent a little joke which ...
Free Out of the park Game
Out of the park
Help this guy to escape this park. you have to investigate ...
Free Escape: Frankenstein Game
Escape: Frankenstein
If you like games to escape this insurance that you like. ...
Free Children's room Game
Children's room
Your mother locked you in the room misbehave. You#39;re ...

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Free Ghetto get away Game
Ghetto get away
You have to do some errands around town, ...

get away

Get away Games

How to play get away free, no downloads

You have been kidnapped and your only chance to survive is to escape from the prison where you are, now you must get rid of your attachments and find a way to escape from your captivity. If you get the first thing to do is circumvent the guards and try to find any weapons in case you find, if you can make a'll be prepared for any problems.

If you get out without being detected outside have to find a way out of the complex, which can be a fairly extensive completely surrounded by thick jungle island. It is not only in danger by your captors, but you can meet any wild animals lurking in the jungle.

Another mission that you can face is to flee from prison, you made your misdeeds unsuccessfully since you finished with your bones in a cell. Now is the time to seize the confusions of the guards and get out of there without being discovered. Escape the police and you can continue with your criminal activities again, using ingenuity and intelligence to successfully get out of that fateful place.

There are many situations that you can deal with these escape games that we have grouped in this section. Escape from a room in which some joker has trapped you, escape a haunted house, escape from an alien spaceship or a zombie attack, etc. Prove you're able to get out of every situation and bring him safely to your character back home!

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