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Defend the galaxy of enemy ships, perform the highest jump in the world
Star battles Battle for the Galaxy hack Star Wars Rebels Strike Missions Battle for the Galaxy Turbo Spacecraft Lord of the galaxy Legion of stars Pirate Galaxy Attack in the galaxies Space Chasers
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Galactic Missile Defense Dominate the galaxy Space balls and blocks Space Astro Funny Space Ball Shoot the Warriors in the galaxy Spaceship Space bugs Gunship 2 Galaxy Lunar rover Invasion of the Galactic Goobers Racing spaceships: Galaxy Shoot the aliens The highest waterfall in the world

Other galaxies games

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Visit the galaxies of the universe

There are many galaxies, each of them contains terrible secrets and different alien races both in shape and size or intelligence. Venture to navigate with your spaceship between galaxies to live a thousand adventures where you will have to fight to survive. The inhabitants of each planet you visit may or may not be hostile, in many cases they do not like foreigners and will want to kill you. In that case you can only do one thing, arm yourself with your blaster and make your way to shots at everything that tries to kill you and try to get the knowledge or treasures that each planet keeps.

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