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Free Firemen on alert Game
Firemen on alert
The city is on fire and you must play this game where ...
Free Lego fire Game
Lego fire
lego city is on fire and now have to exercise ...
Free Firefighters to the Rescue 2 Game
Firefighters to the Rescue 2
in this city there is not an arsonist set fire to dangerous ...
Free Fire truck, emergency Game
Fire truck, emergency
hurry and fill the water tank fire truck ...
Free Bomberitos 12-5 Game
Bomberitos 12-5
Bomberitos alert 12- 5, has reported a fire in a building ...
Free Firefighter Game
This particular character is in charge of the fire station ...
Free Fire truck Game
Fire truck
in this city many fires occur and you have to drive ...
Free Fire smoke Game
Fire smoke
sal running to climb the burning buildings ...
Free Fire: emergency truck Game
Fire: emergency truck
the fabric of your city is on fire and you have to ride on the fire truck ...
Free Firefighters: parking Game
Firefighters: parking
are the driver of a fire truck and your mission ...
Free City on Fire Game
City on Fire
Starts messing save lives on the skin of the fire department ...
Free Firefighters to the Rescue Game
Firefighters to the Rescue
achieved with this cute puppet quench all the fires ...
Free Water Mania Game
Water Mania
Water Mania is a great game where ...
Free Fire at full speed Game
Fire at full speed
drive this fire truck to arrive on time to emergencies ...
Free Firefighters winter Game
Firefighters winter
quickly go to the houses on fire and the fire truck ...

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Unity 3D
Free Extinguish the fire: Fire Game
Extinguish the fire: Fire
The demon incarnate in a pyromaniac and is now burning ...
Free Despicable Me 2: Emergency Game
Despicable Me 2: Emergency
have a good time playing this fun game to my favorite ...
Free The minions fire Game
The minions fire
With high summer temperatures have produced terrible ...
Free The rescuer Game
The rescuer
In this game you have to ingeniártela to evacuate ...
Free Earn To Die part 2 Game
Earn To Die part 2
In this game you have to escape the country ...
Free Escape from the burning house Game
Escape from the burning house
Will you be able to escape from a burning ...
Free Bailout Game
Get ready to put out the fire of a burning ...
Free Barber fire Game
Barber fire
today i entered a firefighter in your barber ...
Free Arson Game
use the matches to set fire to all the materials ...
Free 911 rescue team Game
911 rescue team
You are the head of security of the city and your mission ...
Free Firefighters: rescuers Game
Firefighters: rescuers
Want to be a hero of everyday life? ...
Free Lego sea rescue Game
Lego sea rescue
Play your adventure Lego rescuing people trapped ...
Free Dumbo at the circus Game
Dumbo at the circus
Play this fun game of our friend Dumbo. Dumbo ...
Free Firemen, fire fighter Game
Firemen, fire fighter
in this game you have to work as a firefighter ...
Free Burn scarecrow Game
Burn scarecrow
in a cornfield scarecrow there that keep growing ...
Free Rescuing people from fire Game
Rescuing people from fire
Assume the role of a firefighter and rescue ...
Free American firefighter Game
American firefighter
Play this fun game of fire trucks. You have to ride on your fire truck ...
Free Firefighter helicopter Game
Firefighter helicopter
The city is on fire and you can stop it from further ...
Free First aid Game
First aid
In this game you can learn something from the first ...
Free Paper pipes Game
Paper pipes
in summer many fires occur and can cause ...
Free Talking tom firetruck washing Game
Talking tom firetruck washing
support talking tom has wash the fire truck. ...
Free Superman of steel Game
Superman of steel
Metropolis is on fire and our Superhero has to rescue ...


Firefighters Games

How to play firefighters free, no downloads

Every day life are played putting out fires or rescuing persons, kittens or any other animal in need of inaccessible sites. If helping others is your vocation, being a firefighter can help anyone who needs it and especially can try to save their home from the flames before it is consumed.

You can use all the fire of a real professional team, leading the fire truck with its siren at full speed to reach the site of the emergency as soon as possible. When you get used water cannon to extinguish the fire, but if that is not possible you will have to equip your fire suit and take the ax up to by people who are trapped inside the burning building and extinguish fires.

Nobody expects you to become a hero, but if they expect you to try every effort to save lives. Teamwork is the key, because if you do not support your teammates with hoses or fire extinguishers for putting out the fire go forward while trying not achieve reach victims in time. They can play these games both children, with the lego version, as adults completely free and online. Have a good time action with these firefighters in their daily missions to save people.

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