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🔥 Extinguish the fire and kill the danger 🔥

Put out a fiery hell with the most experienced firefighters. Park your red fire truck

Have fun putting out the fires in these firefighting games and save the population from a lethal catastrophe. You must be very agile and use the skills learned to drive the fire truck and get to the place where the flames have started. Use the hose to extinguish the fire and safeguard everyone who is in danger. Being a firefighter is a risky profession that requires a lot of courage and only the bravest will dare to start their career in this job. You have to be always alert because you never know when you will receive the call of an emergency and you will have to run, sliding down the bar and getting on the truck.We need your help in firefighting games to put out the fires and let no one get hurt. Here you can have fun with the firefighting games of lego or other more realistic games in which you will have to fight against the flames. You can not forget to drive the fire Trucks, it will be a very important part in these adventures because inside you carry the hoses that will help you reduce the fire. We have many Emergencies to attend to and we need Action people to put out the fires in these firefighting games.

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