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Who has not happened to go to the bathroom loosing a loud fart that has reverberated throughout the house, this is one of the multiple examples that these flatulence can do. The problem comes when you're around people and you miss one of these, making everyone look at you oddly shaped and do not know if you have ear or if they know whether it's you.

Now you can practice to hide your farts in public, tendrs to wait for the right time to avoid being heard. The setting be your best ally because there will be areas where noise hide your flatulence, such as passing through a work. It also should be aware of special moments like some applause in a speech that can prevent all hear you.

But for those ms piggy, it is also possible farting competitions. These competitions are based on the maximum number of flatulence and noise level, even to create a joyful melody Become the champion in this secret art that only a few practitioners.

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