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Fairy Games

Fairy Games

Fairies are very powerful beings mgicos tiny but at the same time, thanks to them the positive balance of the world is maintained. Always willing to help and eager to pasrselo well find these pequeas, some as famous as bell helped Peter Pan.

This fairy is one of the most famous, so you have a lot of games where you can dress with different mgicos and beautiful sets. We can also get together with friends and complete puzzles or enjoy fantsticos painting pictures to add color to these mgicas friends.

But it is not the only of its kind since Barbie has become a tambiny now has to find its way back to its original appearance. To do this will have to do good, but for that you as an authentic fairy dress, makeup and leave guapsima.

All these simpticas friends have to eat, but the food is not the same as ours so we come to the magical restaurant so you give them the most delicious dishes and strangers.

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