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Experiments Games

Experience is the mother of science

You dare to challenge all experiments games where you have to use the physics to complete the game. Ingeniártela'll need to achieve your goal, they are experiments for children pure physics. There are different games with different experiments so you can try them all.

There is a game called Experiment, is one of the most popular because they have to get a ball reaches its destination by turning gears and levers. Parce easy but it is not, you have to squeeze your logic and cunning to complete the levels in this game.

You will have a test dummy to drive a car and get to your destination avoiding obstacles. There are also games where you have to place materials such as pulleys, ropes, platforms and docks for a billiard ball reaches its destination flicking switches and triggering mechanisms.

There are many games in many different experiments with different objectives so you do not get bored of the same games. Have fun !.

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