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Free Barbie accident Game
Barbie accident
Our friend Barbie has suffered a minor ...
Free Firemen, fire fighter Game
Firemen, fire fighter
in this game you have to work as a firefighter ...
Free Save my life Game
Save my life
you#39;re an ambulance driver and a patient ...
Free Barbie in the ambulance Game
Barbie in the ambulance
barbie is on the way to the hospital ...
Free Frozen, dr. elsa, emergency room Game
Frozen, dr. elsa, emergency room
dr. elsa works in the emergency room and now has to heal his sister ...

+ Emergency Games

Free Rescue dog Game
Rescue dog
in icy mountains is a mountaineer trapped in a cave covered ...
Free Brain doctor Game
Brain doctor
Welcome to the brain doctor's hospital ...
Free Pregnant Barbie Game
Pregnant Barbie
Barbie is about to give birth to her first ...
Free 38 weeks of pregnancy Game
38 weeks of pregnancy
This mom you see in the photo takes ...
Free 911 epic race Game
911 epic race
Run with emergency carts 911 in an epic race where ...
Free Driving ambulances Game
Driving ambulances
You#39;re the new ambulance driver of this hospital ...
Free Fire smoke Game
Fire smoke
sal running to climb the burning buildings ...
Free Revives the sick Game
Revives the sick
welcome to hospital where patients ...
Free Fire: emergency truck Game
Fire: emergency truck
the fabric of your city is on fire and you have to ride on the fire truck ...
Free Firefighters: parking Game
Firefighters: parking
are the driver of a fire truck and your mission ...
Free Firemen on alert Game
Firemen on alert
The city is on fire and you must play this game where ...
Free Medicine for broken hearts Game
Medicine for broken hearts
In this hospital we heal all broken hearts. ...
Free Bailout Game
Get ready to put out the fire of a burning ...
Free Ambulance driver 2 Game
Ambulance driver 2
You have to drive an ambulance to transport ...
Free Talking tom, acidente bike Game
Talking tom, acidente bike
tom has suffered an accident while riding ...
Free Subway surfers doctor Game
Subway surfers doctor
this guy had an accident with his skateboard ...
Free Pou girl in halloween Game
Pou girl in halloween
mrs. pou has been scared to death on halloween ...
Free Otology clinic Game
Otology clinic
Step into the shoes of a real doctor to treat ...
Free Operation Game
In this game you have to treat this person ...
Free Hello kitty doctor visit Game
Hello kitty doctor visit
our dear friend hello kity has suffered a nasty ...
Free 911 emergency races Game
911 emergency races
Play this fun racing game where you have emergency ...
Free Moana's baby in the hospital Game
Moana's baby in the hospital
After suffering a serious accident ...
Free Ladybug first aid Game
Ladybug first aid
The prodigious Ladybug needs your help more than ever to help her before ...
Free City on Fire Game
City on Fire
Starts messing save lives on the skin of the fire department ...
Free Elsa pregnant urgency Game
Elsa pregnant urgency
Frozen Elsa is pregnant and is in the emergency ...
Free Hospital amys Game
Hospital amys
friendly game amys doctor. emily is very ill and does not know what happens, ...
Free Talking tom is still in emergency Game
Talking tom is still in emergency
our friend talking tom staying at the hospital ...
Free Lego fire Game
Lego fire
lego city is on fire and now have to exercise ...
Free Dr. pou Game
Dr. pou
pou is with the flu and had to go to hospital ...
Free Minions do not want glasses Game
Minions do not want glasses
This minions you see in the photo do not want to use more glasses ...
Free Operate now! appendix surgery Game
Operate now! appendix surgery
teresa is a girl who has come to the hospital ...
Free Baby Minion at the doctor Game
Baby Minion at the doctor
get in the skin of a baby doctor and cure their ...
Free Operate now: scoliosis surgery Game
Operate now: scoliosis surgery
Step into the shoes of a real surgeon and get to operate ...
Free Rescues at sea Game
Rescues at sea
in this mini game you navigate a small boat to rescue ...
Free Barbie Foot Surgery Game
Barbie Foot Surgery
our beloved Barbie has had a serious accident ...
Free Justin Bieber at the optician Game
Justin Bieber at the optician
Justin Bieber does not want to wear glasses ...
Free Hospital emergency simulator Game
Hospital emergency simulator
In this simulator game hospitals have to face the tasks ...
Free Water Mania Game
Water Mania
Water Mania is a great game where ...
Free Firefighters: rescuers Game
Firefighters: rescuers
Want to be a hero of everyday life? ...
Free Emergency doctor feet Game
Emergency doctor feet
It proves you can be a great physician ...
Free Elsa resurrecting urgency Game
Elsa resurrecting urgency
Elsa is going !. Hurry to resuscitate Elsa Frozen ...
Free Lego sea rescue Game
Lego sea rescue
Play your adventure Lego rescuing people trapped ...
Free Hospital Pou Game
Hospital Pou
the pou had to visit the hospital because he had an accident ...
Free Saving Lives with life Game
Saving Lives with life
many people are drowning in the water as on the Titanic, ...
Free Fire truck, emergency Game
Fire truck, emergency
hurry and fill the water tank fire truck ...
Free Doctor minion Game
Doctor minion
this girl you see in the picture, will have an accident ...
Free Hospital Mabel Game
Hospital Mabel
Mabel had to visit the hospital where ...
Free Operate now: tonsil surgery Game
Operate now: tonsil surgery
I#39;ll lend to scott. Scott had angina, ...
Free Talking Tom at the doctor Game
Talking Tom at the doctor
This cat has had an accident and now you have to get in the skin of a real doctor ...
Unity 3D
Free Surgeon simulator Game
Surgeon simulator
There comes a great surgery ...
Free Descendants: Evil in the foot doctor Game
Descendants: Evil in the foot doctor
Evil Maleficent's daughter has serious problems ...
Free Stomatology clinic Game
Stomatology clinic
You'll have to take charge of this clinic ...
Free Pou, dental problems Game
Pou, dental problems
This small Pou has serious dental problems ...
Free Pou girl at the dentist Game
Pou girl at the dentist
This young Pou has eaten many goodies and always ...
Free Firefighter helicopter Game
Firefighter helicopter
The city is on fire and you can stop it from further ...


Emergency Games

How to play Emergency free, no downloads

If you suffer a serious road accident or suddenly ill, you should go to the emergency room for you heal quickly. All hospitals have this service, l is serving more patients critics and tries to save their lives with more advanced medicine.

But everything changes when you become one of the doctors who should attend and save lives, must learn to prioritize patients because otherwise attend to the most serious first will be able to die while they wait. It is for this reason that you should know assess the severity of each patient with only one fast glance, once you decide to attend patient also need to do it fast to attend to other ms.

While attending a patient fast does not mean to be cared wrong, every second with him is vital to stabilize it and save him from death. But once there are other safe is hoping will be able to die, aydales best and try to be the best emergency doctor ever.

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