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Learn to control the scepter of Princess Elena de Avalor to assume the throne of the reign
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Elena of avalor

Rule the Kingdom of Valor with Elena

Elena de Avalor, Elena of Avalor in their original English title, is the first Latina princess Disney World coming to the small screen as a series and animated film. The series takes place Jan. l same universe of the small Princess Sofia and their stories are linked. Elena, was trapped in a magical amulet long and Princess Sofia who would save her and would release.

Ellen of Avalor, is a teenager who saw his life change when a sorceress locked her now after getting beat the evil, you have to face a greater challenge, to govern his kingdom. With only 16 years, has to face the task of governing the region but will not be alone, will have more advice to help you make decisions. This council is composed by her grandparents, her cousin Esteban Chancellor and her friend Naomi. In addition, it also has the help of her younger sister Isabel and his friends Matthew and Gabe. Other counselors will Zuzo our friend Elena, a spirit of an animal, and Jaquins, a winged jaguar that will guide and support the young Queen Elena of Avalor.

These are the general features of the new Disney series that premiered recently and that will leave a film that may soon see the full in Spanish. In addition, there has been a lot of merchandising around this new princess as the wrist or disguise among many other things related to their characters. Naturally, they could not miss games and mini games that will leave the adventures of Elena and her friends.

On our website you can already find an entire section devoted to Ellen of Avalor and everyone surrounding this new Disney princess. You can take a spa Elena, do you know the rest of Disney princesses, take care of their winged friends so they are not dirty and much more. These our self-created games such as paint, matching puzzler cards or will join. Begins to immerse yourself in Avalor with his queen and the other protagonists of the series. Let yourself be carried away by the magic that brings the first Latina princess Disney!

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