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The animated film, Dumbo, is one of the first classic of Walt Disney Pictures. The story is based on the story of Helen Aberson that bears the same name as the film. In fact, the original name of Dumbo's Jumbo Jr. but his big ears make others make fun of him by calling him this way. The film tells the story of Dumbo in the circus, where his mother lived and as seen locked to make a number of clown who did not like. The story revolves crazy idea Dumbo to fly and as we finally get with the help of his friend and protector Timothy, a mouse. At the end of the film we see as Dumbo takes advantage of its great and peculiar ears to fly out and get the fame and recognition of the circus world.

Dumbo's success has led him to be remastered on many occasions to the sixtieth anniversary of its launch. There was talk of a sequel to be entitled Dumbo 2, but was finally canceled. Nevertheless, Dumbo the elephant Disney's most recognized of all time, with a nice story that leaves us a nice moral is that even your flaws can take something and make it something good.

For this recognition, we have created a category in which you can play a lot of games Dumbo online. Among them you'll find Dumbo in the circus, Dumbo coloring, puzzles flying Dumbo with his friends, etc. You can enjoy them all without downloading anything, enjoying the elephant free.

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