free Dracula Games

free Dracula Games

Count Dracula is the most famous vampire in history and also the most feared vampire. Now you can have fun with him in his many horror games, adventures, bloody and many more. Drink the blood of your enemies to make you stronger and get over all missions in the castle.

Dracula Games

Free Dracula find hidden objects Game
Dracula find hidden objects
Free Draka 2 Game
Draka 2
Free Pierre hotel Game
Pierre hotel

+ Dracula Games

Free Barnyard on the farm Game
Barnyard on the farm
Free Vampire princess dressup Game
Vampire princess dressup
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Hotel Transylvania: hidden letters
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Vampire resurrection
Free Mario remix Game
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Dress up spectra
Free Baby bathing Draculaura Game
Baby bathing Draculaura
Free Decorate the room of pregnant Draculaura Game
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Free Draculaura spa: makeup Game
Draculaura spa: makeup
Free Hospital draculaura Game
Hospital draculaura
Free Draculaura monster high: magic potion Game
Free Draculaura: first kiss Game
Draculaura: first kiss
Free Draculaura: facial makeup Game
Draculaura: facial makeup
Free Monster high: draculaura at the hairdresser Game
Free Bathing draculaura Game
Bathing draculaura
Free Draculaura clean the mansion Game
Draculaura clean the mansion
Free Draculaura, beautiful hands Game
Draculaura, beautiful hands
Free Draculaura in the ambulance Game
Draculaura in the ambulance
Free Draculaura: perfect teeth Game
Draculaura: perfect teeth
Free Magical massage draculaura Game
Magical massage draculaura
Free Birthday of draculaura Game
Birthday of draculaura
Free Dress up monster high: draculaura Game
Dress up monster high: draculaura


Dracula Games

How to play Dracula free, no downloads

The character of Dracula is born of the novel by the Irish writer Bram Stoker and has become a recognized character throughout the world, being the most famous vampire in history. Bram Stoker's book sees the light in 1897 and since then different versions have appeared in the world of television, film and even comics and theater. It is said that the character is inspired by Vlad II, the prince of Wallachia of the XV century known as the Impaler. The name of Dracula comes from the native language of Wallachia where it would mean devil, a name that liked the author and decided to put it to its protagonist. Another great figure born of the classic Dracula is that of Nosferatu, a Coppola film that triumphed on the big screen. Many have been the times that has taken to Dracula to the great and small screen, among which the last ones of Van Helsing, Blade or, more recently, Dracula Untold.

The world of games also became popular the figure of Dracula and has been the protagonist of several games and sagas of major platforms such as PlayStation or XBOX. Undoubtedly the most famous saga of the Dracula games is that of Castlevania, wings that are joined by many other versions of this vampire. In our website could not miss the references to the famous Dracula and that is why we created this fantastic category with the most famous vampire games in the world. Start your adventure with Dracula, get on your skin or fight him in these fantastic titles that we bring you. Start drinking blood in Dracula's games!

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