free Doodieman Games

free Doodieman Games

Already here the superhero cagón known like Doodieman, this one shoots his own poop and is able to shit to an entire city without cleaning the ass. Enjoy these fun games where the poop smells from a distance. Shoot a lot of marbles to bazucazos and ends with your rivals.

Doodieman Games

Free Doodieman Bazooka Game
Doodieman Bazooka
Free Whack your computer: Doodieman Game
Whack your computer: Doodieman
Free Doodieman rescues hostages Game
Doodieman rescues hostages
Free Doodieman Agent Game
Doodieman Agent

+ Doodieman Games

Free Whack your Boss: 13 Way to hit your boss Game
Whack your Boss: 13 Way to hit your boss
Free Poopooman vs 300 Game
Poopooman vs 300


Doodieman Games

How to play doodieman free, no downloads

Doodieman is a super hero famous for its fechoras to load and launch their own poop enemies of society as criminals who DAOA our state.

He wears a suit of red hero, has his face covered and bare ass. It is able to fly, you just fart or shit flying. It has a devastating weapon, is a kind of machine gun, which connects in the ass to shoot poop at high speed.

Stops enemies lanzndoles poops and farts to cover their own shit. It's a little piggy and loves to help others. Although some do not see asn, some people see filthy and disgusting, it's normal, who liked someone to smear poop.

Doodieman want to help others, but always get something wrong, it always ends tucked into shit. Le disappoints people who do not understand him.

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