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The duck ms known Disney is definitely Donald Duck, this is always dressed in sailor and is a great friend of Mickey and others. It has a strange and moody ms accent is the group but in the same way also is quite entraable.

Is always willing to help his friends though somewhat cowardly, but not neglects his friends. Sometimes you have to take care of his three nephews who are pequeos a tackle, this will cause more of a headache and bunch of adventures with them.

Although they cause many problems, his nephews pequeos are its great weakness and is always happy to look after them. In addition always tries to impress them with a story or try sb take place to spend the day, but these pequeajos always complicate any plan with their desire to explore and discover the world around them.

We have also seen this duck in some films alone which has demonstrated its ability to be a main character smoothly, just as many other secondary character has appeared as Mickey or Goofy helping.

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