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Doki is a cute white dog with black spots, is very friendly and always willing to teach new things. It is popular for its Discovery Kids cartoon.Now you can learn new things playing entertaining games to learn. You can check out their games of professions where Doki teaches two children the professions that he likes. You can simulate a fire emergency where you have to equip all the necessary you need a real firefighter to rescue people and extinguish the flames of a giant building. Where you can be an astronaut will simulate that pilot a spaceship and your mission is to land on the selected beacon. You can also simulate a surgeon or work where you have to place the organs and bones of a sick patient.If you prefer, you can paint our friend Doki be passionate game in the paint where it appears in various sports games such as football, basketball, baseball or cycling.Spend a good time learning and playing the best games of Doki.

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