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Free Swimming dog Game
Swimming dog
you are ready to swim at full speed and win the Olympics ...
Free Push Here For Food Game
Push Here For Food
Laugh with this hungry dog, the poor have to eat and do not know how to get food and will have to follow ...
Free As dogs and cats Game
As dogs and cats
Here in this game the true friendship between dogs and cats is demonstrated. ...
Free Greyhound racing Game
Greyhound racing
This is a strategy game where you have to tune your greyhound ...
Free Caring for abandoned dogs Game
Caring for abandoned dogs
Put yourself in the skin of an animal ...
Free Creator of dogs Game
Creator of dogs
Today we bring you a very original game in which ...
Free Fight mutant dogs and cats Game
Fight mutant dogs and cats
In this game you have to mix different ...
Free Caring puppies dogs Game
Caring puppies dogs
You have a dog with newborn puppies and you have to take care of the puppies ...
Free Dog trainer Game
Dog trainer
in this game to train dogs as the name suggests ...
Free Create ideal dog houses Game
Create ideal dog houses
creates the perfect home for each dog. you have to build ...
Free Dogs running Game
Dogs running
Fun game where you must manage a dog running ...
Free Animal football Game
Animal football
plays soccer with your favorite pets and win opponents ...
Free Beethoven Game
Play this fun game based on the movie dog Beethoven. ...
Free Caring for your puppy Game
Caring for your puppy
Take care of this virtual pet that we bring ...
Free Scooby doo and food machine Game
Scooby doo and food machine
If you followed the adventures of our friend ...
Free Katie puppy dressup Game
Katie puppy dressup
This lovely female puppy called ...
Free Fly ball Game
Fly ball
Make dog runs of four and run the circuit ...
Free Cute puppy care Game
Cute puppy care
take care with love this puppy. you`ve found ...
Free Bad Dog Game
Bad Dog
This naughty dog ​​wants to play a prank on their ...
Free Find your dog Game
Find your dog
With this game you must take your side kinder ...
Free Animals couple Game
Animals couple
minium in this game you have to ingeniártela for each pair of pet including ...
Free Fetch Game
throw the ball as far as possible and teach ...
Free Paranormal: super dog Game
Paranormal: super dog
aliens have abducted a baby and your dog has to rescue ...
Free Bloodhound training Game
Bloodhound training
you#39;re a lover of hounds and want to spend ...
Free Pet shop Game
Pet shop
get in the skin of an animal caretaker and care for all the animals ...
Free Dog grooming Game
Dog grooming
ana has opened a salon for animals and has very good prices. ...
Free Create your blue mascot Game
Create your blue mascot
If you do not already have a favorite ...
Free Lady and the Tramp: hidden letters Game
Lady and the Tramp: hidden letters
a good time trying to find all the hidden ...
Free Care dogs: Yorkshire Game
Care dogs: Yorkshire
In this game you have to take care of dogs help this yorkshire ...
Free My dog ​​intelegente Game
My dog ​​intelegente
This girl can not alone with all the work that has to do with your dog and need your help to complete ...
Free Race Dogs Game
Race Dogs
Race dogs are prepared to run and win the race. ...
Free The chef puppy Game
The chef puppy
We present the great chef dog but do not worry ...
Free Best dog Game
Best dog
you have given a puppy make him a great ...
Free Pets, custom nails Game
Pets, custom nails
hi girls, today we have to decorate the nails ...
Free Dress a bull terrier Game
Dress a bull terrier
have this dog as a pet and want you have walk out, but before ...
Free Fetch fido Game
Fetch fido
You have gone to the park for a walk your dog and take advantage ...
Free Push Here For Food Ver.2 Game
Push Here For Food Ver.2
A fun new animation featuring an animal is available ...
Free Doggy wedding Game
Doggy wedding
dress up game where you have to marry these ...
Free Dog dressup 3 Game
Dog dressup 3
this dog dress with scarf, hat and gloves or other ...
Free Hammering puppies Game
Hammering puppies
The classic game of hitting moles with a hammer ...
Free Hong Kong Phooey Game
Hong Kong Phooey
For those who do not know, Hong Kong Phooey ...
Free Windy game Game
Windy game
Funny game where you must paint the world ...
Free Jumping dogs Game
Jumping dogs
these dogs are jumping and its mission is to collect ...
Free Dora the Explorer, puppy training Game
Dora the Explorer, puppy training
our friend Dora the Explorer has a new mission, ...
Free The adventurous fox Game
The adventurous fox
Become a fox and discover the enigma that hides ...
Free Rockeras pets Game
Rockeras pets
In this game you have to dress up the pet rock stars. ...
Free Werewolf rider Game
Werewolf rider
tonight is full moon and as you become wolf. ...
Free Scooby doo Cupid Game
Scooby doo Cupid
Help Scooby Doo to be cupid and Fred Jones ...
Free Super doggy Game
Super doggy
#39;Plays this cute platform game. You must collect ...
Free Video acceleration dog Game
Video acceleration dog
Curious animation about a dog with much skin that makes ...

+ Dogs Games

Free Create, wash and dress a dog Game
Create, wash and dress a dog
in this game of animals you can create your own dog, you can choose ...
Free Rescue dog Game
Rescue dog
in icy mountains is a mountaineer trapped in a cave covered ...
Free Care for dogs and cats Game
Care for dogs and cats
In this game you have to take care of pets care for a dog and a cat. you have to feed, ...
Free Animal nurseries Game
Animal nurseries
you have to feed these animals. these animals ...
Free Pat the dog: Puzzles Game
Pat the dog: Puzzles
Solve the puzzle of Pat the heroic dog who helps ...
Free Pat the Dog: Memory Game
Pat the Dog: Memory
Get into the adventures of Dog Pat in this fun game of Dog Pat in a memory ...
Free Dog diver Game
Dog diver
The diver dog wants to take advantage of his free time to immerse ...
Free Pet Spa Game
Pet Spa
At the Pet Spa we can find a variety ...
Free Talking Tom cat 3 Game
Talking Tom cat 3
have a good time playing with the cat and dog talking ...


Dogs Games

How to play dogs free, no downloads

Man's best friend is definitely the dog, it's a really faithful and always with great love to give to their owner or owners animal. These funny animals are very intelligent and are able to learn a lot of tricks or actions, so they are able to learn that they have to relieve themselves in the street.

Even if you teach them to bring slippers or newspaper in the morning they bring you happy, they are also the best defense against burglars as they protect their loved ones at all times thanks to its great sound and smell. They are also beautiful and there are a lot of races of different sizes, some are great as German shepherds and others are smaller like Westy.

Some professions use these brave animals for different tasks, the police use them to find drugs and other substances. While firefighters use them to locate lost in natural accidents such as earthquakes which are buried under the rubble people. It's time to start enjoying our games starring with these little puppies.

You can have fun with action games taking place dogfighting vs cats, although some of these dogs will not be normal but still have been created mutant dogs. quieter games are caring, bathing, combing and give all our furry pet whims. Pick up a street dog and give him a better full of comforts to begin to enjoy life life. Many activities can be carried out with these animals free and online on our website. You can not miss the best games of dogs that exist on the network here in Fanfreegames!

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