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Dinosaur AttacksLondon rexDino trainJurassic HunterDragon journeyDinosaur bikeFind the eight differencesBig headDino babiesYou are the rexI am the tyrannosaurus rexFeed a dinosaur

Dinosaurs Games

We go back until we reach the time of the dinosaurs

Now you can enjoy all kinds of dinosaurs online on your screen. We have special dinosaur games for children, dinosaurs made robots, and a variety of free games where you can get an idea of ​​what a dinosaur of the time could do. Go back several million years and immerse yourself in the world of dinosaurs!

Millions of years ago the Dinosaurs populated the planet, some of these creatures were colossal and they measured more than 30 meters high. Each of these beings had its own qualities to survive the predators of the moment, some of them were terribly big and strong like the Tyrannosaurus Rex.

While others used their intelligence, agility, speed and teamwork with their pack as the velociraptor to kill their prey. Others were real predators capable of approaching their victims undetected, ending them with a single blow.


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