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We face Dino Rey's dinosaurs to get you involved in their most epic battles
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Dinosaur king Games

Be part of Team D

It is an anime series created by Sega and Sunrise in the team D formed by Zoe Drake, Max Taylor and Rex Owen travel the globe looking for the lost dinosaur cards that Dr. Z before the get the evil Alpha Gang. Using these cards conseguirn bring back to life dinosaurs obedecerny tell them pelearn against Alpha Gang.

The team's goal D is to find ways to revive dinosaurs to live in peace and harmony. While the Alpha and his evil gang leader Dr. Z Severus, direct rival of Dr. Z has as objective to make relive battles between them and make money at their expense.

So if you love dinosaurs you can now become part of the team D and help these heroes to save the dinosaurs from falling into the wrong hands. Do not be an easy task and the path to be full of dangers but someone has to save them from the clutches of greed, SERST El Salvador ?.

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