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We face the computer digicriatures that inhabit the different digimundos that we met thanks to the famous television series Digimon, and now we can learn about their unpublished adventures.

Without knowing it a group of children end up being transported to a digital world, this new world is populated by beings called Digimon. Some of these beings will be aggressive or evil and will try to kill the children, but then their Digimon companions appear to protect them. Each of these partners adapts to the personality of each child, so they are very different from each other. But the most incredible thing about these monsters is that they are able to evolve and become more powerful if children ask for it or need it. These children will embark on a journey to find their way back home, in which they will face countless enemies. Since the prophecy says that the chosen children are destined to eliminate the evil from the digital world, something that the evil ones cannot allow under any circumstances. Even some of these enemies will be so powerful that they will have under their orders an entire army of monsters willing to abide by their desires without hesitation. If children want to survive and return home they will have to fight for it.

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