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Free Bejeweled: Tropical Game
Bejeweled: Tropical
test your skills by connecting three or more objects ...
Free Bejeweled classic Game
Bejeweled classic
great puzzle game that we all know as bejeweled. ...
Free Cinderella: Freefall Game
Cinderella: Freefall
Cinderella has to complete all of these games ...

+ Diamonds Games

Free Repair diamonds Game
Repair diamonds
you#39;re one of the best diamonds in the world ...
Free Adventures of a warrior Game
Adventures of a warrior
This warrior has a mission is to collect all the diamonds ...
Free Hugo and emeralds Game
Hugo and emeralds
our friend Hugo has to travel to the enchanted ...
Free Violetta jewel match Game
Violetta jewel match
violetta challenges us to play a fun puzzle ...
Free Dora the Explorer collects diamonds Game
Dora the Explorer collects diamonds
In this game you have to help our friend ...
Free Crystal Island Game
Crystal Island
Crystal Island is a game where you have to overcome ...
Free I'm Luna Bejeweled Game
I'm Luna Bejeweled
You're ready to play the game Bejeweled Moon. ...
Free The Forest Temple Game
The Forest Temple
collects magical mystical diamonds ...
Free The Golden Game
The Golden
Play this fun game of finding gold. the head of this boy has fired ...
Free The Chavo 8 bejeweled Game
The Chavo 8 bejeweled
In this game you have to eliminate all possible ...
Free Crow Gems Game
Crow Gems
Get all the Crowns of Crow Gems in this fabulous ...
Free Cavern run Game
Cavern run
The famous hero of the animated series Ben 10 has a new mission ...
Free Gemstone thief Game
Gemstone thief
This guy seems one among many who live in this city, ...
Free Tarzan Game
The Disney classic, Tarzan, has a new mini-adventures ...
Free Violetta jewel crush Game
Violetta jewel crush
have a good time with violetta playing this fun game jewel. ...
Free Diamond dust Game
Diamond dust
play this fun puzzle game where you have to align ...
Free Zuma: jeweled Game
Zuma: jeweled
Play this exciting game of zuma with jeweled pieces ...
Free Bejeweled: diamonds Game
Bejeweled: diamonds
playing another fun game beleweld more new levels ...
Free Zombie run Game
Zombie run
The protagonist of this story is called Frank ...
Free Yogui bear Game
Yogui bear
This funny bear has a great obsession with fruit, ...
Free Ancient jewels Game
Ancient jewels
Make matches to get three points. Click ...
Free Lego aduna diamantele Game
Lego aduna diamantele
play this exciting lego game where you have to escape ...
Free Lost animal Game
Lost animal
This peculiar hedgehog has started an adventure ...
Free Miner wagon Game
Miner wagon
Dig deep into the mine and help our hero get all the gems that are scattered ...
Free Miner smurf Game
Miner smurf
The evil Gargamel has locked this friendly Smurf ...
Free Letters from home Game
Letters from home
In this game your goal is to build ...
Free Alex in danger Game
Alex in danger
fun game platform. accompanies our friend on a great ...
Free Caver gunner Game
Caver gunner
this is some caver arsonist, because just think ...
Free Stealing the Diamond Game
Stealing the Diamond
Help the clumsy thief steal the biggest ...
Free Nail magic diamonds Game
Nail magic diamonds
This girl offers you so that you do him a great ...
Free Jewel manamancers Game
Jewel manamancers
You stand before a game of classic jewel ...
Free Miner Game
beam discovered large diamond mine and you must collect ...
Free Jasmine Game
disney jasmine to the rescue of our friend ...
Free Super mario miner Game
Super mario miner
mythical mario bros game, you will many objects ...
Free Finn the Human diamond in the forest Game
Finn the Human diamond in the forest
Finn the Human must rescue his dog Jake, ...
Free The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond Game
The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
You dare to decipher the enigma of Amsterdam. ...
Free Guardian diamond Game
Guardian diamond
in this game you have to protect the diamonds ...


Diamonds Games

How to play diamonds free, no downloads

Diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstones in the world, besides the toughest able to cut almost any material. These gemstones are formed inside the earth for thousands of years, so it is so rare to find they have a huge price.

Become the boldest mining for diamonds worldwide, first you have to find a beta in which to establish your mine. If you find diamonds on the surface certainly inside there will be many more, dig deep and reinforces propping tunnels to avoid landslides.

You also have to take your diamond to sell, this can be dangerous as being something so valuable must be protected from thieves. Hire security guards and prepares a completely safe device for anyone dares to try to rip you off, if they try it pay dearly. If you can sell your diamonds you can be the next millionaire and retire from the world of mining forever.

Now you can play a number of games whose main character will be diamonds. Bejeweled is one of the most recognized games in this category where you have to collect different colored diamonds, the puzzle style. Do not miss these fantastic games online you can enjoy online free way.

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