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Diamonds Games

The most precious stones

Diamonds are one of the most valuable gemstones in the world and you can see them in these diamond games. These precious stones are formed in the interior of the earth for thousands of years, that is why it is so rare to find them that they have a huge price.

Become the most intrepid miner in the diamond games and look for them all over the world, first of all you will have to find a beta in which to establish your mine. If you find diamonds on the surface, undoubtedly there will be many more inside, dig deep and reinforce the tunnels by pinning them to avoid landslides.

You will also have to take your diamonds to sell, this can be dangerous since being something so valuable you have to protect it from thieves. Hire security guards and prepare a totally safe device so that nobody dares to try to steal, if they try they will pay dearly. If you manage to sell your diamonds you can be the next millionaire and retire from the mining world forever.

Now you can play a large number of diamond games in which these will be the main protagonist. Bejeweled is one of the most recognized games in this category where you will have to collect diamonds of different colors, puzzle style. Do not miss out on these fantastic online games that you can enjoy for free online.

Overcome these diamond and gem games, solve the classic bejeweled games

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