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Free Nightmares of leia ray Game
Nightmares of leia ray
Acts of detective and see all the puzzles ...
Free Escape the mental hospital Game
Escape the mental hospital
You are a journalist who wants to clarify the events ...
Free Terror investigation Game
Terror investigation
This is a graphic adventure game where you are a young ...
Free Paranormal detectives Game
Paranormal detectives
This graphic adventure game you have to solve a mysterious ...
Free Sherlock Holmes run Game
Sherlock Holmes run
Sherlock Holmes has gotten in trouble ...
Free Jealous Detective 2 Game
Jealous Detective 2
You are one of the best detective and why you've ...
Free Clear detective Game
Clear detective
This girl#39;s name is clear, it is detective and needs ...
Free Police investigation Game
Police investigation
investigates a murder terrible event ...
Free The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond Game
The Curse of the Amsterdam Diamond
You dare to decipher the enigma of Amsterdam. ...
Free The Night Society Game
The Night Society
In the game of The Night Society you have to unveil ...
Free Crime Reports Game
Crime Reports
In this game you have to solve puzzles ...
Free Find My iPhone Game
Find My iPhone
Where is my iphone? you have to help this girl to find your iPhone, ...
Free Detective infidels Game
Detective infidels
Play the first installment of Detective Jealous ...
Free Dectetive ghost Game
Dectetive ghost
delve into the earl grey abandoned where new adventures ...
Free Investigate the crime scene Game
Investigate the crime scene
see the murder and discover the real murderer. You have to investigate ...

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Free Escape: Escape tied to a chair Game
Escape: Escape tied to a chair
You dare to escape from a house where they have locked ...
Free Pet Detective Game
Pet Detective
Play this fun game of finding pets. you#39;re the best detective ...
Free Detective Horse Game
Detective Horse
great platform adventure game where ...
Free Resident Evil game Game
Resident Evil game
Play the first version of Resident Evil where ...
Free Detectives High School: 101 Higschool Game
Detectives High School: 101 Higschool
Higschool teacher will have already been poisoned ...
Free Super ZP-Operation Malaya Game
Super ZP-Operation Malaya
Funny animation dedicated to Marbella, ...
Free Rescues princess juliet book Game
Rescues princess juliet book
an ogre has stolen the magical book of princess ...
Free Forgotten Hill Puppeteer Game
Forgotten Hill Puppeteer
You dare to reveal the secrets of Forgotten ...
Free Escape the nightmare of messi Game
Escape the nightmare of messi
leo messi is nestled into a nightmare that can only escape ...
Free Bolt to the rescue Game
Bolt to the rescue
Tyrants explosive bombs have been placed ...
Free Five night of love Game
Five night of love
The animatronics Five Nights at Freddy 's have taken ...
Free Dora solves the riddle Maya Game
Dora solves the riddle Maya
Our friend Dora the Explorer is located in the Mayan ...
Free Scooby doo 2 Game
Scooby doo 2
go for an entire abandoned city collecting clues ...
Free Detective mummies Game
Detective mummies
In this game you#39;re a detective mummies has entered ...
Free Children trains Game
Children trains
Gorgeous children's game in which the little ...
Free Hitstick 5 Game
Hitstick 5
Great game where escape games ...
Free Secrets of a shopaholic Game
Secrets of a shopaholic
in this game you have to guess the wishes ...
Free Escape from crashed plane Game
Escape from crashed plane
the causes are not known, but you woke up inside ...
Free Detective omicidio Game
Detective omicidio
Play this fun graphic adventure game. you have to solve ...


Detectives Games

How to play Detectives free, no downloads

Solving a crime is a task for the best detectives, now you can become a real detective looking for clues small lead you to a terrible serial murderer. But you not just have to find them, but to find out they mean this is definitely the most difficult detective work and why the customer has chosen you.

First you'll need to investigate the crime scene, collect evidence and talk to witnesses. When you have all this information you should start looking for suspects and discard the least possible, but be careful because if you do not choose well you could leave free a murderer and appear more victims.

It is not always easy to chase a murderer, because it is a dangerous job in which the situation can change at any time and end our life. So for the less adventurous can also enjoy the work of surveillances, this part is vital for the business as it is the daily bread for a good detective and should be done quietly so as not to be discovered.

All this and more you can put into practice with these fantastic games in which you will perform the most complicated cases ever seen in a police station. Or maybe it's your turn to be a private detective and have to prove infidelity of couples. Anyway, now you can enjoy it all on your PC completely free and so online. Do not wait to become a great detective as Sherlock Holmes!

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