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Defending Games

Use all your strength to defend your territory

After a zombie apocalypse in New York City, the government has successfully quarantined city. But there are still civilians and some scientists who must leave the area infected, so it has been sent to defend the point of extraction from the hordes of zombies trying to take it. With a full arsenal you must eliminate all be dead not control who comes and try to kill you. But unlike normal zombies, some will run faster because the longer lead converts become slower and some are capable of mutating.

If you will get mutate to a kind of much more deadly zombie, so you'll need weapons of greater power or many bullets because if they reach your position certainly kill you. We need to know when to use each type of weapon to not pass any of these monsters, as one of them could kill you and all survivors. In the same way you must be careful not to shoot any civilians who try to escape from the infected area.

This is one of the activities you can enjoy these games defense but not the only one. You need to get into the skin of an army that is being threatened by the military position of the opposite side. You'll have to defend your military base to avoid losing a valuable strategic place that can make you win the war. You might want to attack your watchtower so you can not tell the rest that are approaching enemy troops, so we need to defend well.

The games are a classic defending so you should not miss the opportunity to play them. It is also very simple since it is free and no need to download anything. If you have a PC, you can start enjoying these entertaining games where defensive skills will determine the success of the mission. Forget attack enemies, they will come to you and you must be prepared to defend your base, your or your castle tower. The victory of this war depends on you, what are you waiting for?

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It's time to kill all the living dead

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Take out the superhero you carry inside

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