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Cricket Games

Cricket Games

Cricket, cricket or English, is a sport in which two teams of eleven players who played on a grass field dimensions similar to the one facing football. The shape is that of an ellipse and objects are needed to play a bat and a ball. It is a sport originating in England and is played mostly in that territory and those with English historical tradition as India and neighboring territories that made up the old "British India" (Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.) in which it is a mass sport.

The rules of this game are somewhat complex to explain, but can summarize briefly which is a kind of baseball where there batters try to throw the ball as far as possible to score runs. The opposing team must prevent them from doing many races and try to eliminate the opposing team's hitters. There are two types of competitions: the first-class and Test match cricket are international matches.

Although there is a great tradition of cricket in other countries if that is spreading and there are fans of this sport to all corners of the world. For them, we have created this category in which you can initiate you in cricket and make you start with the rules. We have many cricket games for children, international cricket matches as the World Cup and many more games and free online cricket for you.

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