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crazy zombie

Crazy zombie Games

How to play crazy zombie free, no downloads

In Crazy Zombie we have grouped all the best fighters in the world of Anime and Marvel Superheroes . Here the fighters have to fight against massive waves of zombies enemies can fight alone or accompanied by the second player. You can play various game modes. Survival or story mode are the options you can choose when to play.

Walk the streets with your fighter in search of enemies. Do not worry if you do not see any enemy at the moment, because soon they will hunt you and you will be wrapped in the midst of a barrullo of mutant zombies.

Below we indicate the keys you should use to move and fight:

To move up you should press your W keyboard, D to move right, A is to move left, S is to go down and for the second player must use the arrow keys to move. These are the basic controls you need to know to sneak out of the enemies when they come in a large group.

The turn to explain the keys that you use to attack:

U, used to attack enemies with a devastating combat ability and for the second player would be the key 4. To do this you have to have enough energy !.

I, is to make the biggest attack each fighter. Each has a different attack and can use it when you have the full energy bar. For the second player will be the 5 key.

Or, allows you to recharge the energy bar and the second player is 6.

Pressing the J key will start the fighter to punch and can make combos to do more damage to your enemies. For the second player you have to press the 2 key.

K, serves to jump and the second player must press the 2 key.

L, used to launch small attacks energy and 3 for the second player.

JK, while jump and launch a mysterious attack. I hope you learn a great help, because the game only comes in English and Chinese.

The great warriors and superheroes anime series have been assembled to end a horrible zombie threat. You can enjoy all versions of this game until the latest to end all zombies attacking the earth.

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