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Counter strike Games

The ultimate shooter game

One of the best shooters of all time is undoubtedly Counter Strike is one of the first online shooters that caused sensation in more than 10 years leading the franchise going. This game allows us to be policemen or terrorist, where our mission vary in function of the map we play.

They will have some terrorists and policemen held hostage rescue attempt Bern, Bern for it to reach the rehny l bear to rescue zone. The work of terrorists is obviously prevent them succeed, moreover also we find scenarios pump. In these terrorists must plant a bomb in one of two designated and defend it long enough to set it off time zones.

The cops should eliminate threats before they put the pump on or off before it explodes. Although the premise of the game seem simple, it is a game with many variables where player skill influences the outcome of each round.

Wield a weapon to kill CS GO terrorists in the first person, the war is still ongoing

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