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Free Halfling Tycoon Game
Halfling Tycoon
If you like to play an adventure game where ...
Free Alice is Dead Game
Alice is Dead
You just regaining consciousness and you realize you do not remember ...
Free Alice is Dead 3 Game
Alice is Dead 3
It's here the third and last part of Alice ...
Free Alice is Dead 2 Game
Alice is Dead 2
The second part of this saga of games ...
Free Payphone Mania! Game
Payphone Mania!
Play another adventure with this crazy grandfather. ...
Free My guardian angel Game
My guardian angel
An evil demon has filled the small road east of traps ...
Free Tadeo Jones in the jungle Game
Tadeo Jones in the jungle
The famous movie character Tadeo ...
Free Sweet Revenge Game
Sweet Revenge
Help this father educate their children ...
Free Rescues princess juliet book Game
Rescues princess juliet book
an ogre has stolen the magical book of princess ...
Free Failman Game
failman villain hero is that instead of helping ...
Free Suzy baby Game
Suzy baby
this baby that you see in the picture is called ...
Free Electric boy Game
Electric boy
a villain has left the entire city without electricity ...
Free Island adventures Game
Island adventures
Jack has had a terrible plane crash and has crashed ...
Free The farm Game
The farm
Great graphic adventure game based ...
Free Sheriff adventure Game
Sheriff adventure
Great graphic adventure game where ...
Free Adventure games Game
Adventure games
Great graphic adventure game where ...

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Free 100 balls Game
100 balls
Put 100 balls in a bottle without spilling ...
Free Don't Touch The Red Game
Don't Touch The Red
Only the bravest players will dare to test their ...
Free Pou and Click Game
Pou and Click
Click on the screen to get the highest ...
Free Escape from prison Game
Escape from prison
You can escape the prison before they come to move you to a maximum ...
Free Burrito Bison launches Game
Burrito Bison launches
Burrito Bison have stolen the purse ...
Free Fallen from the Sky 2 Game
Fallen from the Sky 2
You have to pop balloons with hearts for animals ...
Free To open locks Game
To open locks
In this game of opening locks you will have to test your reflexes ...
Free DogeMiner 2 Game
DogeMiner 2
Dig into the gold mine of DogeMiner 2 to make you gold mountains. ...
Free Car smash Game
Car smash
Welcome to smash car, the game of car busting ...
Free Tap Tap Go Game
Tap Tap Go
Advance levels by jumping and dodging ...
Free Rajoy Game Game
Rajoy Game
The game of Rajoy arrives, a fun game of humor ...
Unity 3D
Free Yandere killing Senpai Game
Yandere killing Senpai
Now you can kill Senpai without mods in this mini game Yandere ...
Free Thumb vs thumb Game
Thumb vs thumb
Welcome to the epic battles of thumbs where ...
Free Thief on the run Game
Thief on the run
In this game you are a thief of safes ...
Free Orkio and dangerous eyes Game
Orkio and dangerous eyes
In the fantasy world of Orkio there ...
Free Exmortis 2 horror Game
Exmortis 2 horror
Exmortis 2 is a horror and escape video ...
Free King of Thieves Game
King of Thieves
The King of Thieves wants to take over all the treasures ...
Free Chavo and the gigant sandwich Game
Chavo and the gigant sandwich
The Chavo del Ocho has decided to start a business ...
Free Tattletail Game
The Tattletail is a diabolical Furby that you must save by playing ...
Free Neighbor steals food Game
Neighbor steals food
In this mini game you're hungry neighbor coming ...
Free Trollface Quest video game Halloween Game
Trollface Quest video game Halloween
Now Trollface Quest video game offers ...
Free Pokemon Go Home Game
Pokemon Go Home
The trick is to capture Pokémon corner ...
Free Pokémon adventures bubbles Game
Pokémon adventures bubbles
Play another exciting Pokémon game series ...
Free Terrorists vs Presidents Game
Terrorists vs Presidents
We are all very tired of the terrorist ...
Free Flat shoes Game
Flat shoes
In this game you have to remove all heels ...
Free Flappy Cuphead Game
Flappy Cuphead
Fly with the Cuphead red cup in this fun game inspired ...
Free Bad Piggies: Cut the ropes Game
Bad Piggies: Cut the ropes
Play to cut the rope in this game of Bad Piggies ...
Free Coraline and the secret door Game
Coraline and the secret door
Find the secret door of Coraline's new house ...
Free Minecraft Battle Mod Game
Minecraft Battle Mod
Play this new version of Minecraft where you have to create ...
Free Halloween Champions 2 Game
Halloween Champions 2
Halloween frights and not all are being scared ...
Free Super pineapple pen 2 Game
Super pineapple pen 2
Throw pens to the fruits of Super pineapple ...
Free Goku Flappy Game
Goku Flappy
Fly with Goku between the towers of the master ...
Free Trollface quest internet memes Game
Trollface quest internet memes
Solve the Trollface quest game on the internet ...
Free Segway vs. Evil Elders Game
Segway vs. Evil Elders
Ride on the segway to beat up the evil old men in the geriatric. ...
Free Twisty Arrow online Game
Twisty Arrow online
You have found the game that will make you spend ...
Free Naughty Spring Break New Game
Naughty Spring Break New
Welcome to Naughty Spring Break ...
Free Cross where you can not Game
Cross where you can not
Help the inhabitants of this game to cross ...
Free SuperTrump Game
The all-powerful SuperTrump has to fly the city of NYC by dodging ...
Free Food for gorillas Game
Food for gorillas
In this game you must feed a couple ...
Free The Three Thieves Game
The Three Thieves
In this graphic adventure game you must interact ...
Free Sneak Thief: Robbing Safes Game
Sneak Thief: Robbing Safes
Steal the highest security safe with the world's ...
Free Clarence and his friends catch lizards Game
Clarence and his friends catch lizards
Plays with the band fantabulistica television like Clarence ...
Free Geometry Dash Neon Game
Geometry Dash Neon
You have already overcome all levels of Geometry ...

point click

Point click Games

How to play point click free, no downloads

Graphic games or adventures also known as point-click on English, they are different from the usual games pc games. In these games happen very interesting adventurous stories. There are thousands of different adventures where you can choose your own adventure. Just click the mouse in the right place at the right time to go forward in the adventure film.

Dive into one of our adventures of fictional worlds created by the imagination of the developers of flash games. There are hundreds of adventures to be discovered and you can play any of them, you just have to click with the mouse and take you to the desired game.

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