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Clash of Clans Games

Clash of Clans Games

Clash of Clans is a mobile and tablet game created by the company Supercell, also known for being the creators of Clash Royale that could be considered a spin off Clash of Clans. It is a game that has garnered many successes and managed to quickly become number one in iTunes and Play Store downloads. The game consists of creating a village, whose most important building will be the town hall. In addition, you will have to build builders' huts and many other buildings to go and build your city. Important part of the game is to get coins, so you must create gold mines and improve them to the maximum, in addition to a store to collect it. Another of the most important elements is the elixir and you will also have to create collectors and places where to store this substance. Some activities will ask you for elixir and other coins so you must always have plenty of both to succeed. Do not forget to create your army as they will be in charge of defending your village and attacking those of your opponents, the most fun part of the game.

As we tell you, in this game you can visit the villages of other players and use your army to destroy it completely, if you get it you will win a reward and you will be accumulating drinks, as in Clash Royale. You have to improve your buildings and your city council to unlock new buildings and new warriors that unite your army. In addition, Clash of Clans is back on everyone's lips for its latest major update in which you can take a boat trip and face online other players. In this new game mode, one of the players will be in charge of defending a village and the other will have to destroy it. This new update has made many players who had abandoned the game come back to enjoy a new way to play.

In our website you will find very funny games that are a version, more or less similar, of the original game of Supercell. You will have games to create villages like Clash of Clans Scratch Edition, which is very similar to the original. You also have games based on your characters like card games, the Clans of Clans flash or the Spider Clash of Clans. To these will be added new games that, although with a different title, are a good version of the original.

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