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Chavo 8 Games

El Chavo del 8 and the haunted house El Chavo del ocho Chavo and the gigant sandwich The Chavo: Tetris The Chavo 8 bejeweled The Chavo: Puzzles

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Chavo 8 Games

Chavo 8 Games

El Chavo del Ocho is a Cmico character in a television series that almost all know. Also can recognize this character by Chapuln Colorado.

This character always steals a smile and joy to the heart. He is very humble and has a big heart.

Exploits Venture into games Chavo del Ocho where you can play tricks on his friends as Chilindrina or Kiko. You are inside the school and spend a moment of laughter you have to do some mischief, but you must be very careful that you do not see Professor Jirafales. Otherwise you laugh and as you know your bad anger can give you a good slap. Podrs also enjoy games like Jewel, Puzzle or escape the haunted house. It is very similar to those of Pigsaw escape game. You'll have to help Chavo del Ocho has escape the haunted house, you have to solve puzzles to get out and rescue your friends.

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